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How to Display Falling Snow in WordPress Posts and Pages

How to Display Falling Snow in WordPress Posts and Pages

At present, making your website stand out from the crowd and be eye-catching can be harder and harder. Some of you may focus on the interesting contents. And others may pay attention to the website design. This time, we recommend you to add some special and marvelous effects on your site, such as the falling snow. Especially, when during the Christmas or some holiday seasons, the falling snow is a great indication for the celebration and joy. In the following, we’d like to tell you how to display falling snow in WordPress posts and pages easily.

Option 1 – Use the Tribulant Snow Storm Plugin

This Snow Storm plugin is the easiest option for you to display falling snow in WordPress. For the effective festive presentation, it will showcase the snow flakes without hiding your main post contents.

Note that this plugin gives you the freedom to customize the display of the falling snow. For this, you only need to click the Snow Storm from the Settings page after the plugin installation. And then, you can configure for the following aspects.

Snow Storm Settings

  • Search and decide which posts and pages to display the falling snow.
  • Choose the color of your snow flakes. Surely, the white one is the default choice.
  • Decide the total amount of the snow made for falling and sticking. The default amount is 128.
  • Determine the number of snow falling at a time.
  • Decide the speed of the animation. The larger number means the lower speed and vice versa.
  • Turn on or turn off the mobile support.
  • Enable the snow movement to respond to the mouse cursor of users.
  • Make the snow stick to stay at the bottom section of the page.
  • Enable the melt effect for the snow.
  • Make the snow twinkle in and out when falling down.

While all the settings are made properly, now, your front-end screen can look as below.

Snow Storm Sample

Option 2 – Use the Snow, Balloons and More Plugin

In addition to the snow falling, you may also want some other effects, such as the falling leaves, balloons and rain drops. If so, this Snow and Balloons plugin can meet your needs. In addition to multiple effect options, you can also customize the display based on your needs.

Snow, Balloons and More Plugin

Here, you can click the Settings > Snow and More button and make the following decision.

  • Decide how many snow flakes or other items appear on the screen at a time.
  • Choose your preferred drops, flakes, leaves and balloons among various options. Note that these items include the GIF options and the PNG options. Here, if you care about the IE6 support, you’d better not to use the PNG options.

Lastly, if you want to display the balloons, you need to enable the balloon mode. This way, all the balloon images can float upwards.


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