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How to Display Facebook Photo Album in WordPress

How to Display Facebook Photo Album in WordPress

Looking for a way to display Facebook photo album in WordPress? In the following, we have introduced the simple method for doing so. Frankly speaking, with the help of various WordPress plugins, you can achieve the integration easily.

In fact, when displaying a large number of images or photos on your WordPress site, we highly recommend you to upload the items to some third parties like Facebook, instead of on your website directly. This way, you can save a lot of traffic and server resources. Also, you do not need to worry about the page loading speed that can be influenced by these multi-media components. Even, you can enjoy the following two main benefits by doing so.

  • You can get much more likes on your Facebook pages and the album, which result in more followers and the better influence on this large social media platform.
  • In return, the more Facebook followers can bring much more traffic to your WordPress site and the natural research for your web content.

How to Create the Facebook Photo Album

To create the photo album on your Facebook account, you only need to go through the following simple steps.

Firstly, you should go to your profile page and click the Photo/Video Album button. Here, you can upload all the images you are looking to upload.

Photo/Video Album

After the successful uploading, you can create the album by filling out the required information. These include the album title, the caption, the location when taking the photos and many more. Now, you can publish it.

How to Display Facebook Photo Album in WordPress

To put your Facebook photo album on your WordPress site, you can make use of the Facebook Album plugin. This is a simple tool that allows you to showcase your Facebook album onto your site with the album URL, the plugin shortcode or the exclusive widget.

Once you have installed this plugin successfully, you need to click the Facebook Album button from the WordPress Settings part.

Determine the General Settings

From this settings page, you firstly need to determine some general settings.

Facebook Album General Settings

Here, you have to decide whether to reverse the display order or not. Note that Facebook does not support the “order” attribute. In this case, if you want to reverse the display order of your images received from your Facebook album, you can tick this checkbox. In addition, you can choose to showcase the album title and the image description in the lightbox or not.

As for the image size, you have 6 options to choose. And you can choose the cache lifetime from 1 hour to 2 days.

By default, this plugin will showcase the Facebook Page albums. However, you also have the freedom to display the personal albums. If so, you need to create a Facebook application and enter the APP ID and secret to the correct locations.

Choose the Colorbox Settings

This WordPress plugin works with the colorbox seamlessly. In this case, you have the freedom to enable it and decide the display style, including the overlay opacity and the transition type.

Colorbox Settings

Display the Facebook Photo Album

As for the album showcase, you should use the exclusive shortcode that looks like the following sample.

Facebook Photo Album Shortcode

This way, your Facebook photo album can be displayed properly.

Facebook Photo Album

In addition, you can display the album using the Facebook Album widget. Here, you simply need to enter the display title and the album URL, choose the thumbnail size and the number of pictures, decide to showcase the album title or not and click the Save button.

Facebook Photo Album Widget


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