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What is Facebook Page Insights & How to Get It for WordPress?

What is Facebook Page Insights & How to Get It for WordPress?

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks and the Facebook Page is common used to promote services and products among audiences. Page admins are always interested in understanding whether people are engaging with the content they published. So Facebook comes with Page Insights to track page’s activity. This tutorial thoroughly tells about the Facebook Page Insights and carefully guides readers about how to get it for WordPress sites.

What is Facebook Page Insights?

facebook page insightsFacebook Page Insights is a stats on your Facebook Page, which gives page admins a number of aggregate metrics, including the people who like their Pages, how many people see a post and how many people clicked the post. These metrics are created by logging and aggregating people’s activities related to the Page, such as seeing a post from a Page, clicking a post, or commenting on the post.

Once over 30 people have liked your Page, you can access to Facebook Page Insights, which is a gold mine of interesting data. For example, you can see how many new likes you get each week and learn how your followers is growing.

Only by understanding and analyzing trends within user growth and demographics, consumption of content, and creation of content, Page owners, you are able to boost your Facebook Page content and improve your business with Facebook.

How to Get Facebook Page Insights For WordPress Sites?

As Facebook Page is widely used to promote businesses and websites, we are going to talk about how to get Facebook Page Insights for WordPress sites, by which way you can promote your site easily among your audiences.

First of all, you are required to install and activate Facebook Open Graph Meta in WordPress – a helpful plugin developed by WPBeginner. Once activated the plugin, go to Settings -> Facebook OG Meta, you can see a Facebook Open Graph Meta Data box as the following.

Facebook Open Graph Meta Data box

Here, you are needed to enter your Facebook account ID if you want to receive analytics about the Like Buttons. You can find it by going to the URL like http://graph.facebook.com/youraccountid. Then, you can configure the site name and default image URL which shows if your post does not have a thumbnail.

Many websites utilize the iframe version of the Facebook Like button, which can properly work but not allow you to get Facebook Insights. So, in the next, you should make sure you are using the XFBML method to add right version of Facebook Like button. If you don’t know how to handle it, read about this post for detailed steps.

At last, you can go to Facebook Page to claim your WordPress site. Visit https://www.facebook.com/insights/, you can see the green button of Insights for your Website on the top right.

insights for your website

Feel free to click the button and you can easily get Insights for your website by linking your domain with your account.

add a meta for your webpage

At last, click the Get Insights button. Now you can visit the Facebook Insights Page again, and you can see your website listed under website. Still now, you have successfully completed the process and you can easily get Facebook Insights for a WordPress site.


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