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How to Use Facebook Live in WordPress to Get More Visits

How to Use Facebook Live in WordPress to Get More Visits

At present, the live video is a popular practice for webmasters to better reach their readers and promote their websites. With it, you can tell stories in the real-time and know people’s reaction and suggestion timely. Now, due to the popularity of the live streaming, Facebook also offers the live video feature for you. This time, we are going to tell you how to use Facebook Live in WordPress to get more visits and views.

Here, we need to mention that you can go live only when you are using this Facebook new service via your mobile phone. However, people can check your live video on both the computer and the phone. Note that this service can work well with the Android app and the IOS app.

Brief Introduction to the Facebook Live

To introduce in a simple way, the Facebook Live is an effective method that allows you to broadcast to a large number of online users using the camera. With it, you can enjoy the following benefits.

  • Achieve the engaging connection with your fans – The live video is one of the best ways to interact with other people in the real time. This way allows you to deal with their burning questions, know what they want and here their live reactions.
  • Attract and reach the new audiences – Now, people love to watch the live video for the engaging content. In this case, if you want the new audiences, the Facebook live service can help you a lot.
  • Tell the stories on your own way – The Facebook live service has some special tools, such as filter, which allows you to express yourself in a creative way.

Facebook Live

Start the Facebook Live

Before starting the live video using Facebook, we highly recommend you to pre-announce it on your WordPress site and your Facebook page. You need to tell people when the live video is going to start and what the main content is. This way, if people feel interested with your content, they can check your live streaming timely.

When the timing reaches, you can open your Facebook APP and go through the following steps.

  • Click on the News Feed button, and then, tab the “What’s on your mind” link.
  • Hit the Live Video button.
  • Write down the description to introduce the broadcast. This can benefit people who miss your live video but want to check the content in the later time.
  • Click the Go Live button to start the broadcast.

Live Video Button

When the video goes live, you can see a red icon at the left top corner, along with the Live word next to the icon and the number of current audiences.

If you want to stop the live video, you only need to tab the Finish button. After that, the video will be published to your Facebook profile, news feed or the page. And your followers can watch it later. Note that the live video can last for 4 hours at the maximum.

Add the Facebook Live in WordPress

Now, to better get more video audiences and increase the visits of your WordPress site, you can display the Facebook live in WordPress. To achieve this purpose, we highly recommend you to make use of the WP Facebook Live Video plugin.

This special plugin will display the live video feed from your Facebook page or the user profile to your WordPress site. In this case, when you broadcast using the Facebook live service, your readers can watch the video from your site directly. This can save their time to navigate to your Facebook account.

Note that this plugin requires some setup steps for the proper utilization. You can check the following content to learn how to use it.

Step One – Set Up the Authentication Settings

Now, you should click the Settings > Facebook Live Video button from your WordPress administrative panel. From this plugin settings page, you should enter the Facebook APP ID, APP secret and Access Token to connect this social networking platform with your WordPress site. To get the needed information, you should create the Facebook application from this page. For this, you only need to finish the following listed steps.

  • Tab the My Apps > Add a New App button from the top right corner.
  • Enter the name and choose the category for your application and click the Create APP ID link.
  • Tab the Add Platform button after hitting the Settings tab from the next page. And then, you can choose the Website option to enter your domain name.
  • Click the “Add Product” button, and then, tab the Get Started button next to the Facebook Login link. Now, you can enter the redirect URL from the valid Oauth. The URL can be found from the settings page of this special plugin.
  • In the next screen, you can submit your application by clicking the Start a Submission button and make the application active.
  • Now, you can go to the Dashboard page and find the needed secret and ID for your Facebook application.

Authentication Settings

After entering the required authentication information, you also need to decide to display your live video from the Facebook page or from your Facebook personal profile. For this, you can choose between Page and User from the Facebook Profile Type option.

Here, if you choose the Page option, you have to select the exact Facebook page. Also, you need to click the Get Extended Access Token link to get the necessary page token.

Step Two – Decide the Video & Player Settings

Now, you can customize the display of your live video on your WordPress site. For instance, you can decide the width of the video player, choose to show the comments and determine the maximum number of comments to display.

In addition, if you are not ready to start the live video, you can enter some custom contents display, such as the images or the textual content.

For the better page loading speed, you can also decide the cache expiration for the past live videos. The default time period is 24 hours.

Video & Player Settings

Step Three – Display the Facebook Live Video

Now, you can showcase the Facebook video using two methods. The first one is to make use of the Facebook Live Video widget. This widget is available with the installation of this plugin. You can drag it to your sidebar for the proper broadcasting display.

In addition, you can add the following two shortcode options to showcase the live video in any of your page or the blog post. Note that the first shortcode can display your current live video while the second one is for your past Facebook video.

Facebook Live Shortcode

Now, when you start broadcasting, people can watch the video on your site directly.

Some Additional Tips for the Utilization of the Facebook Live in WordPress

Here, to get the best result, we have listed some tips of how to use the Facebook live service effectively.

  • Tell people that you are going to broadcast ahead of time, generally one day before.
  • Start the live video when you have the strong connection only.
  • Respond to the comments submitted by your audiences and answer their questions timely.
  • Make sure that you have a quiet background when starting the live video.
  • You can rehearse in advance if you use the Facebook live service for the first time.


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