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The Marketers' Guide on Facebook Custom Audiences

The Marketers’ Guide on Facebook Custom Audiences

Now, Facebook is one of the most popular social media all over the globe. You may use it as a promotion tool and publish ads on it randomly, but the results maybe not as good as you expecting. However, now, no matter you are big companies with a large amount of followers or small businesses, you can use Facebook Custom Audience to send ads to targeted audience.

Facebook Custom Audiences helps you classify your audience, set groups for them and then it allows you to send ads to these groups. In this way, potential customers get the information they want and others wouldn’t be bothered by the unwanted ads. Although the tool is very useful and helpful, how to get it and use it is still a great concern for many webmasters. Under this condition, we are going to give instruction on creating Facebook Custom Audience step by step.

Why to Use Custom Audience?

Custom AudienceUsing Custom Audience can bring countless benefits, among which the most obvious is that it can help you maintain traffic and promote business.When put different people in different group, you can have a better idea about your follower and accordingly, you can come out a way to have deeper communication with them and publish things that attract them.

Besides, different groups have different habits and preferences. Grab this idea and then you can cater to their pleasure by sending them advertisements they like as well as show the products they want. In this way, you can sell right products to right people.

How to Creat Custom Audience

In general, you can create a Custom Audience by using email address, phone numbers, Facebook user IDs, and mobile advertiser IDs. We are going to give you three methods on building a Custom Audience in the following part. Note that when the first time you setup a Custom Audience, you need to create it from the advertising manager.

Creating by Ads Manager

Go to your Ads Manager and click Audience from bottom left. Then, choose to create your Custom Audience through MailChip or a date file. After this, you can name the group and give a description to it in case you have several groups to distinguish.

Creating by Ads Manager

Creating by Power Editor

Firstly, you need to use Excel to create a .csv file which contains email address, phone number, Facebook user ID, or mobile advertiser ID. The file should be only one column data without title.

Creating by Power Editor

Then, you go to Power Editor and click on download on the right side. After this select audience from the left side navigation and go to Create Audience drop-down to select Custom Audience. When finished, upload the .csv file and select create.

How to Use Custom Audiences in Facebook Ads

Different setting up methods comes with different operation. Custom Audience created by Ads Manager only can include groups but cannot exclude one. However, when you have lots of audience groups, choose them one by one is time-consuming. Thus, you need one that can include and exclude groups. We just pick the most useful and convenient one which is created with Power Editor.

Use Custom Audiences

You go to Power Editor and click on Audience, then click on Advanced Options that is right under Audience. Later, you can see three bars appear. The first on is Audience which needs to choose Use Existing Targeting Group, the second is Custom Audience (choose the audience group you want to send the ads to), and the third is Excluded Audiences (choose not to send ads).


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