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How to Use Facebook Author Tag in WordPress Sites

How to Use Facebook Author Tag in WordPress Sites

The social platform of Facebook is a great option for the promotion of your website due to its large user base. It offers plenty of services to make your sites engaging over the Internet, such as the Like button, Comment box and TimeLine. Recently, it releases a few feature named as Author Tag that is useful for growing your audience throughout the social network. With it, your shared posts can be tagged with your Facebook profile, giving you a great chance to establish your brand awareness.

In the following, we’d like to introduce some tips about how to use Facebook Author tag in WordPress powered websites.

Method 1 – Use the Plugin of WordPress SEO by Yoast

This is a must-have plugin for any WordPress user. If you have installed it on your site, then the activation of Facebook Author Tag can be an easy task.

You only need to enter your WordPress administrative panel and click the SEO tab. Here, you can find a Social button which redirects you to the setting page of WordPress SEO by Yoast.

As entering into this page, you can find an option that requires you to add the Open Graph meta data to your site after clicking the Facebook button. Simply check the box to enable this new Facebook feature.

After that, you need to complete the front page settings for the title, description and image used for this special meta data, showcasing your author tag in a way you like. If you pass this step, the plugin will configure a basic setting after retrieving the information of your Facebook profile page.

Add Open Graph

Next, you need to connect the profile ULR of your Facebook account with your WordPress site. For this, you should navigate to the Users tab in the back-end dashboard and click the Your Profile button. After scrolling down to the Contact Info section, you can enter the required link into the Facebook profile URL area.

Facebook Profile URL

Now, this plugin will automatically add the author tag for your published posts on Facebook. If your website contents are contributed by multiple authors, do not forget to ask them to pass through the same steps and to enter their own Facebook profile URLs.

Special Note for Enabling the Follow Button

By default, your author tag can be checked with a Follow button, with which people can follow your account directly without the need to entering your profile. However, if you cannot find the useful Follow button, you need to enter your Facebook setting page and click the Followers tab. Here, you can configure the option of who can follow you. Simply set it to Everybody but not Friends. This way, the Follow button can be showcased publicly.

Facebook Follower Settings

Method 2 – Use Coding Stuff in the Header Section

If you do not have the Yoast plugin installed, you can also add the author tag manually using the coding stuff. Check the coding example in the following.

<meta property=”article:author” content=”https://www.facebook.com/yourprofilelink” />
<meta property=”article:publisher” content=”https://www.facebook.com/yourpagelink” />

Note that these two lines need to be entered into the Header section of your site, and do not forget to change the values with your own profile link and page link.


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