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ExpressionEngine VS WordPress - What are the Differences and Commons?

ExpressionEngine VS WordPress – What are the Differences and Commons?

The Internet has now become an essential part of our daily life. Anything can be found online. With a surge in the number of users and websites, there is an increase in the number of tools available to create those websites.

ExpressionEngine and WordPress are two such popular tools that are in the technical lingo of content management systems. In this article, we’d like to draw some aspects for comparisons between the two options, which can eventually allow our readers to decide which one is best suited for them.

expressionengine vs wordpress

User Base – WordPress Is Better

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. It has a huge user base and a very loyal following. There are various discussion forums related to this tool, with which you can get both basic and advanced knowledge. Even if you want any advice on how to use WordPress from scratch, there is definitely somebody there to offer help.

Besides this, there are many third parties websites dedicated to WordPress content, themes, plugins and add-ons.

ExpressionEngine also has a user base and a large online community, but not as widespread as that of WordPress. Also, there aren’t many websites dedicated to this software.

Ease of Use and User Interface – WordPress Is Better

expressionengine vs wordpress usabilityWordPress and ExpressionEngine, both are quiet easy to use for first timers and novices. You don’t need to have a widespread knowledge of programming to create your first simple website or blog. Both provide you with a WYSIWYG editor.

WordPress is so simple that anybody can use it, but ExpressionEngine requires you to have a relatively advanced computer skill. You can afford to experiment with WordPress, but the same cannot be said for ExpressionEngine.

However, amateurs and advanced users might find WordPress a bit too simple for their liking. In this case, ExpressionEngine provides you with better functionality.

All said and done, WordPress is easier to learn than ExpressionEngine with almost no learning curve.

Customizability and Plugins – WordPress Is Better

Everyone knows how customizable WordPress is. There are thousands of plugins that allow you the power to have and do almost anything on your website for customization and function extension. The downside of this is that sometimes these plugins might be abandoned and not updated regularly.

ExpressionEngine also allows for limitless customization in your website. Even though the plugins available in ExpressionEngine might be lesser in number, they are all up-to-date.

Pricing – WordPress Is Better

expressionengine vs wordpress pricingWordPress is free and open source. Therefore, creating a website using WordPress can be done free of cost. A large number of the plugins are also available free of cost, although some require you to pay the developers for using it.

ExpressionEngine, on the other hand, requires you to pay a minimum licensing fee of $299. Although the ExpressionEngine Core is free to download, any additional support and add-ons need to be paid for utilization.

Documentation and Support – ExpressionEngine Is Better

All the information and the documentation about WordPress can be found in WordPress.org and WordPress Codex. You can find the basic information with ease. However, being free software, it does not provide you with the support the same as ExpressionEngine does.

ExpressionEngine has a user guide as well as the human support in case you need help. You can have the specialized support in ExpressionEngine starting at the rate of $49 per month. The people answering your questions and guiding you are all professionals.

The only way to get this type of guidance in WordPress is through the forums and blogs. Even though it is free of cost, the help provided cannot be guaranteed to be professional since most of the people running these blogs are amateurs.

Feature – WordPress Is Better

expressionengine vs wordpress featuresWordPress provides you with limitless functionalities along with the thousands of plugins that can be incorporated into your website in the development and management process. It is simple, multilingual and flexible. It complies with all the standards set by W3C. It has an application framework in case you need to build applications, and provides you with the latest libraries and numerous themes to work with on any type of website you want. The biggest plus point of WordPress in terms of features is that it is licensed under GPL, which means you can use it as you want for free, and even modify the code if the need arises.

ExpressionEngine might not have that many benefits and highlights as that in WordPress. However, it still has a membership module that allows you to control content distribution. In ExpressionEngine, moreover, a website is built from scratch as opposed to using themes in WordPress. Therefore, you can build it any way you please, adding the features that you want.

Security – Both Are Good

ExpressionEngine takes a great care to secure the websites created in it. Being a licensed system, it ensures that you can get the optimal value in return for the money you pay. The official ExpressionEngine website even boasts of not having a major security breach in over 10 years.

In terms of WordPress, it does not trivialize the security issues in a website. But being a more popular tool than ExpressionEngine, it becomes bigger a target for hackers. In this case, this tool has come out a large of security plugins for website safeguarding.


Based on this comparison, both of the 2 tools are secure options with the great features. However, each of them has different focuses. For beginners needing easily website handling, WordPress is worth trying. For advanced users having more requirements on security and advanced support, ExpressionEngine is a good option.


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