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How to Export Email Addresses of WordPress Commenters & What You Can Do to Them

How to Export Email Addresses of WordPress Commenters & What You Can Do to Them

The comment section is a truly critical area of any WordPress site. By encouraging people to leave some words on it, you can know how people view your website and content directly. However, to prevent the comment spam and start the further contact, you’d better require people to sign up before leaving the comments. As all the registered users will provide their email addresses, have you ever thought about including these addresses into your email list? In the following, we’d like to tell you how to export email addresses of WordPress commenters, along with what you can do to them.

Install and Activate the Commenter Emails Plugin

The Commenter Emails plugin is a light-weight tool that can extract the list of data for all your commenters. These include the email addresses, the name and the website URLs optionally. And you can extract the information as a CSV file. Note that this plugin only collects the information of all the approved comments.

Now, you can install and activate it. And then, you simply need to click the Comments > Commenter Emails button. Here, you can check the following information mainly.

  • The total number of commenters who succeed in leaving comments on your website.
  • The list of each unique commenter’s information, including the registered email address, name and the provided website URL.
  • The button that allows you to download their email addresses in the CSV format. Note that you can optionally download the website URLs as well.

Commenter Emails Plugin

Limit the Listing to Some Specific Posts

It is possible that you only want to list the commenters who leave comments on some specific blog posts. If so, you should click the Help button to enter your target post ID. Note that you can enter multiple IDs and use the comma to separate them.

Limit the Listing to Posts

What to Do with Your Exported Email List?

Now, you can start your email marketing by importing your CSV file into your email service provider. There are a lot of related tools and service providers. Among them, we highly recommend you to use MailChimp in your WordPress site.

Here, you simply need to sign up with your account information and enter the Lists page. From this page, you can check all the email lists you have created. And you simply need to choose the one you are looking to work with. Then, you should click the Stats button and hit the Import button from the drop-down.

Import Email Addresses

Next, you can click the first option to import the contacts or the email addresses from the CVS file. After clicking the Next button, you can browse and upload the CVS file you have downloaded using the Commenter Emails plugin.

Import Email from CSV

Upon the successful importing, you can check this MailChimp WordPress integration guide to learn how to start the email marketing easily.

Use the Email Addresses on Facebook

In addition to the email marketing, you can also use all the exported email addresses on Facebook to target any advertisements. This is the special feature that is named as Facebook Custom Audience.

For this, you simply need to enter this page and finish the following steps.

  • Click the Custom Audience option and hit the Customer List button.
  • Choose the Customer File option from the popup window.
  • Upload your CSV file that contains the email addresses.
  • Wait for around 30 minutes to check whether the newly added custom audience is ready.

Customer File

Now, you can promote your website or sell to these people on Facebook, without the need to look for the new audiences.


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