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How to Enrich WordPress Emoticons by Using WP Emoji One

How to Enrich WordPress Emoticons by Using WP Emoji One

The increased acceptability of chatting tools has evolved the usability of emoticons. Millions of individuals across the world use emoticons for expressing themselves without using words on the web. Due to this huge buzz in the online world, WordPress, being an advanced CMS, allows you to insert emoticons in posts and webpages with ease.

In this tutorial, we’d like to illustrate the method of adding emoticons to your WordPress site with the help of WP Emoji One plugin.

How to Set Up WP Emoji One Plugin

WordPress does not offer any default method of adding emoticons. Therefore, you need to take the assistance of an efficient tool for adding this component to your site. There are several plugins that enable emoticons on WordPress sites. In our illustration, we are using the WP Emoji One plugin as it is preferred by millions of developers and is one of the most efficient plugins for enriching WordPress emoticons.

To start with, you should install it by downloading the WP Emoji One tool to your desktop and uploading the Zip file to your WordPress site. Then, activate the plugin from the dashboard and navigate to the settings menu of the WP Emoji One. Here, you have to configure the plugin so that you can use it efficiently.

WP Emoji One

The configuration menu requires only a few seconds. All you need to do is to customize the basic settings. On the WP Emoji One Options page, you can find a “Place the buttons in” option, with which you can specify the location for the emoticons. This field is set to the 1st row by default, but you can modify it conveniently by shifting its presence to any other row. Once done, you must save the settings by clicking the Save Changes button.

Basic Settings

How to Use WP Emoji One Plugin

Once you configure the plugin successfully, a button is added to the visual editor menu of your WordPress site automatically. Thus, when you create or edit a post, you can use this button to add any emoticons easily.

WP Emoji One Button

Then, if you want to add the emoticons to your posts, you need to click the smiley button on the editor bar. This can open a huge list of emoticons. You can browse through the available list of options and choose the suitable ones by clicking on them. After that, there is also an option to choose the desirable size of each emoticon.

Emoticons Sizes

To be precise, you can add 16 px, 18 px, 24 px, 32 px and 64 px sizes of emoticons on your WordPress posts. If you want to use some old fashioned ones on your site, you can navigate to the Writing menu and mark the Convert emoticons option.

This plugin categorizes emoticons into five sets, each of which can be accessible by clicking on their respective heads. As a matter of fact, more than 840 emoticons are offered in the WP Emoji One tool. As this plugin is a part of the developer’s open source project, new emoticons are added with constant updates. Moreover, the developing team of this plugin aims to provide a universal set of emoticons so that every WordPress site can use the most suitable emoticons in every post.

Though you get a remarkable set of emoticons for your WordPress posts, the WP Emoji One plugin does not provide support for comments. This means that your visitors and subscribers cannot use any emoji in the comments section of your posts. However, this feature is in the to-do list of developer’s team. Until then, you can use this plugin efficiently to improve the presentation and appearance of your blog posts.


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