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How to Enable WordPress Remote Publishing by Using Open Live Writer?

How to Enable WordPress Remote Publishing by Using Open Live Writer?

Open Live Writer is becoming increasingly popular over the web. It allows bloggers to publish posts without signing into their WordPress admin panels or update their blogs at all. In this case, maybe you also want to enable WordPress remote publishing yourself yet have no idea what Open Live Writer is and how to use it.

That’s why we are here to lend a helping hand. In the following, we will firstly give a brief introduction to Open Live Writer and then provide some detailed guidance on how to use it to publish WordPress posts directly from your desktop.

What Is Open Live Writer?

Open Live Writer LogoOpen Live Writer, usually abbreviated as OLW, is a powerful open-source blog editor that makes it easy for you to write, preview, and publish posts to your blog.

Originally released under the .NET Foundation, this application is designed to have all the functionality of Windows Live Writer, such as photo-publishing, WYSIWYG authoring, and more.

Since Open Live Writer is provided under an open-source MIT license, it is free for use and can work smoothly with multiple popular blog service providers including WordPress.

How to Set up Open Live Writer for Remote Publishing?

Having said that, let’s now learn how to use Open Live Writer to publish your WordPress posts remotely. Before moving to more detailed steps, there remains one thing for you to do, namely, making sure that your WordPress blog supports XML-RPC protocol.

This functionality is actually turned on since WordPress 3.5 by default, making it possible to post entries from a desktop application like Open Live Writer. However, if you are using a previous version of WordPress, you need to enable it manually via “Settings” > “Writing”. Then, you can move to the operations below.

Step 1 – Download and install Open Live Writer

Firstly, you need to download Open Live Writer to your desktop from openlivewriter.org or GitHub. The waiting time here may vary slightly according to your network speed.

Download Open Live Writer

Step 2 – Configure Open Live Writer

After downloading, you can now start configuring the application. Since Open Live Writer supports various excellent blogging platforms, it requires you to specify the one that you are currently using. Therefore, all you need to do is selecting “WordPress” as below and hitting the “Next” button to continue.

Specify the Blogging Platform

In the next, you need to add a blog account to Open Live Writer by entering the address of your website as well as the username and password for you to login to the WordPress dashboard.

Add a Blog Account

Also, you can give the account a nickname, which will be quite helpful to distinguish multiple blogs that you may want to host on Open Live Writer.

Give a Nick Name

When you are done with the configuration above, you can click on the “Next” button and the application will begin analyzing the homepage, web address, contents, and more of your WordPress blog and try to get connected with it.

Setting Up Your Blog Account

Step 3 – Publish posts remotely to your WordPress blog

Once Open Live Writer is enabled on your desktop, you can now use it to compose and publish posts. As the following screen capture shows, the blog editing interface is very similar to that of Microsoft Word, enabling you to write blog posts offline, add photos, and insert links easily and conveniently.

Blog Editing Interface

When you have drafted a post, you can press the “Publish” button in the upper left corner of your toolbar and Open Live Writer will publish the post instantly.

Press the Publish Button

And now, you can visit your website to check whether there are any problems with the post. If yes, you can head back to the blog editor, modify the post, and publish it again. Since the last modified version of the post will override any of its previous versions, you can be rest assured that it will display correctly on the website of your own.

Post in Action

Guidance on Other Common Operations Regarding Open Live Writer

So far, you are done with the whole process of enabling remote WordPress publishing using Live Open Writer. As a side note, we’d like to provide some brief guidance on several commonly-seen operations that you may concern when creating a blog post.

Implement spell checking – If allowing users to notify errors is the way designed for treating the symptoms, then, implementing spell checking is the method that you should take to cure the disease. By nipping these spelling mistakes in the bud , you can ensure the quality of your blog contents and expect to gain more happy readers over the Internet.

Currently, Open Live Writer implements spell checking by default in Release 0.6.0. Therefore, if you find that your spell checking button on the upper right corner of your toolbar is grayed out, you need to update your current application version to the latest one.

Schedule a post – With Open Live Writer, it is fairly straightforward to schedule a post. All you need to do is clicking on the “Post date” bar and then selecting an exact time for the post based on your needs.

Schedule a Post

Watermark a picture – When you have added a new picture or clicked on an existing picture, Open Live Writer will show you the “Picture Tools” dialog box. There, you can hit the “Watermark” button in the middle of the toolbar and customize the watermark slightly with options available in the menu that it opens up.

Watermark a Picture


From the analysis above, Open Live Writer is surely an excellent application for you to publish WordPress posts remotely. We hope that this solution can make your blogging super easy and enable you to focus on your online success.


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