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How to Enable Voice Search in WordPress

How to Enable Voice Search in WordPress

Nowadays, many intelligent devices like smartphone support voice search through Google Now, Siri, Cortana or other voice command programs. This makes it possible and very convenient for users to do search just by saying the keywords.

How about WordPress? Have you ever thought of adding this functionality to your WordPress website? Actually, it is possible to do that. In the following, we are going to use a plugin called Voice Search to show how to enable voice search in WordPress with ease.

Add Voice Search in WordPress

To add voice search to your WordPress site, just follow the steps below.

Step 1

Login to your WordPress Dashboard, and then install the plugin and activate it.

Install And Activate Voice Search

Step 2

Once the plugin is activated, you do not need to configure any complex setting. Simply navigate to Appearance and click “Widgets”. What you need to do then is to drag the default WordPress search widget into any of your widget area to enable the new feature.

If you already have had a search widget added to the sidebar, you need to do nothing as the plugin automatically adds a microphone icon in your search bar.

Step 3

Now go to your site and you will find there is a microphone icon added in your WordPress search box. Once there is a user clicking on the icon, it will automatically display the “Start Talking” text and he/she can say the keywords he/she wants to search for.

Voice Search on Site

So far, you should be clear about how to add voice search to your WordPress website quickly and easily.

Important Things to Note

At present, the Voice Search plugin only works with few web browsers like Safari and Chrome. It is said that Firefox will add voice search option in the near future.

By the way, the plugin works by using the web speech API (Application Program Interface), which takes voice input. To use the plugin to enable voice search in WordPress, it’s necessary to use the default WordPress search option.

The reason is that the plugin will change the default search functionality and hook up the voice input javascript in it. In this case, if you utilize a custom search scheme such as SearchWP or Google Search for your WordPress site, the plugin won’t take effect.


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