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How to Enable Age Verification in WordPress

How to Enable Age Verification in WordPress

WordPress is a flexible CMS that can be used to set up websites of any kinds. Therefore, besides the common blog sites or gallery sites, there are some people who use WordPress to set up the gambling, alcohol or any other such sites that are not suitable for teenagers. If you are one of them, it is your moral and social responsibility to use an age verification form before granting content access.

Though WordPress provides various methods for adding an age verification form, using an efficient plugin is the most preferable idea. In this tutorial, we take the Age Verify Plugin as an example to enable age verification on a WordPress site.

Why Set Up Such A Verification System

In fact, this practice is mainly due to the social and moral obligations for children. If you cannot make sure that all your contents are suitable for kids or teenagers, you’d better set up the age verification to prevent them accessing your site totally, especially when your site is about beer, spirits, wine, tobacco, adult and marijuana.

In addition, some webmasters may start the age verification to better target their readers. For instance, if your site is mainly about the information of maternal and child products, your main readers must be people who are older than 25 on average, being able to give birth to a baby. As for those who are younger than 25, they can be hardly interested in your content, thus may leave your site immediately without further browsing.

In this case, having such a system allows you to block those people who have no interests on your site from checking your content. This simply reduces the bounce rate greatly.

About Age Verify Plugin

This is a user-friendly plugin that adds an age verification form on your homepage, requiring your visitors to confirm their ages before reading your words and viewing your images. With it, you can determine the minimum age or create an age gate conveniently, restricting teens and children from entering the content.

In addition to this, there are several customization options that allow you to modify the appearance of the form easily. This means that you have the full control over the overlay heading, overlay description, overlay color, background color and many more to better design your verification form.

Set up Age Verify Plugin to Add Age Verification to WordPress

If you are convinced with the efficiency of this age verification tool, you need to install it on your WordPress site for utilization. To do so, you can download an updated file of this plugin from a reliable source and upload it to your WordPress site, and then activate the plugin. Or, you can search, install and activate it from the Plugin tab of your WordPress dashboard.

As soon as the plugin is activated, you have to navigate to the Settings page of the Age Verify Plugin. Here you can insert an age limit and save changes to customize the verification box.

age verify settings

In the next field, you should choose whether you want to verify the age of your logged-in users. If you choose the first box, visitors who are already logged into your site do not have to go through the verification procedure. Alternatively, if you mark the second option, every visitor (irrespective of the logged in status) has to verify his age.

verification range

The “Remember visitors for” box sets a time limit for the visitors. This determines how long a reader needs to go through the verification after the expiry of the time limit. For example, if you set a limit of 720 minutes, your visitors have to verify their identity after every 720 minutes.

verification validity

The Membership field asks for the verification of age at the time of registration. You should mark this field if you want your visitors to come across age checking before becoming a member.

membership verification

Apart from this, the display options involve various customizations. You can change the overlay heading, description, styling and colors effectively to modify the appearance of the verification box. Moreover, you can offer an input date form, check-box form and drop-down date form to visitors for confirming their ages conveniently.

display options


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