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How to Embed Videos in WordPress Dashboard

How to Embed Videos in WordPress Dashboard

If you run a WordPress site for your clients, it is possible that some of them know little or nothing about WordPress. Or, when you promote or sell something on your site, you have to teach and tell your customers how to make use of these items in the right way. No matter what situation is, the specific tutorial is important. As compared with the textual tutorial, the video one is better. For the utmost convenience, this time, we’d like to introduce how to embed videos in WordPress dashboard.

In the common cases, you may record the video tutorials and upload them on some special platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. However, even if you recommend your users or clients to have a look, most of them may still choose to ask for your help directly. To deal with this issue, the display of these tutorials in the WordPress admin can save a lot of efforts of both you and your clients.

Leverage the Easy Support Videos Plugin

The Easy Support Videos plugin is widely used by many WordPress trainers, consultants and WordPress product designers. With it, you can embed the compatible video into the WordPress admin panel of your site with much ease. Even, if a single video is not enough, you can showcase multiple options.

Frankly speaking, this is a perfect add-on WordPress tool to support your site users and clients, based on the utilization of screencasts and video resources.

Set Up for the Easy Support Videos Plugin

The configuration process of this plugin is really simple. After the plugin installation, you only need to click the Options button from the drop-down menu of the Support Videos tab. Here, you firstly should select which user role can get the permission to edit the showcased videos.

There is a little tip that you should pay attention to the user role and permission of your WordPress site. After all, the role you choose will inherit the capabilities set by WordPress by default. For instance, if you choose the Contributor role, then, all the roles that inherit the Contributor capabilities can get the right to edit the videos.

As compared with who can edit the videos, the most important part is to decide who can view the video. Here, you should make sure that all your clients or users get the same user role, and then, you should select the exact option from the drop-down list.

Choose User Role to Edit and View Videos

Upload and Showcase the Video

Now, you can upload and display the video directly in the dashboard. Note that the compatible videos include the ones from YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo, WordPress.tv and VideoPress. And you can showcase the videos as many as you want.

For the uploading, you should hit the Support Videos button. And then, you can copy and paste the video URL. After clicking the Add Video button, the tutorial can be showcased just like the following screenshot. Below the video, you can also change the video title as you want.

Add Support Video

Now, users just need to log in the WordPress admin and enter the Support Videos part. Then, they can view the video tutorials directly from the admin.


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