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How to Embed LinkedIn Profile in WordPress Posts, Pages and Sidebar

How to Embed LinkedIn Profile in WordPress Posts, Pages and Sidebar

If you are active on LinkedIn and looking to get more business opportunities from the millions of users of this social networking platform, adding your LinkedIn profile to your WordPress site is a good idea that enables the site visitors to know that you are on LinkedIn and connect with you easily. This helps you build relationships with those professionals interested in your site.

Generally speaking, there are two ways to embed LinkedIn profile in WordPress posts, pages and sidebar. One method is to use the official LinkedIn Member Profile plugin, and another is to utilize a third party WordPress plugin. Both methods are discussed below for your reference.

Embed LinkedIn Profile in WordPress by Using Member Profile Plugin

LinkedIn itself has developed several plugins to make it easy to add its features to websites. The most widely used one is the Share Button which helps add a LinkedIn share button to websites. Member Profile is also among the available plugins, which enables you to embed a snapshot of a LinkedIn profile at any place of your website.

To use the plugin, you have to visit this page to access the Member Profile Plugin Generator. On the page, you will be asked to sign in LinkedIn if you have not. And once you are logged in, all the fields required by the generator, including the profile URL, display mode and show connections option, are completed automatically, and you can gain a preview of your profile right under these fields.

LinkedIn Member Profile Plugin Generator

According to your preference, you can change the display mode and hide connections. Making a change will generate a new preview. When there is no problem with the preview, click on the “Get Code” button to generate an embed code.

Get Embed Code

Now you can paste the embed code in a WordPress post, a page or a text widget to display your LinkedIn profile. For the maximum promotion purpose, we suggest you show the profile in the sidebar or footer section of your WordPress site to make it viewable to the most visitors possible. To do so, add a text widget to the sidebar or footer, and paste the code in the content.

Add Embed Code to Text Widget

This will get you a LinkedIn profile like this on your WordPress site. It could be like a business card.

LinkedIn Profile in WordPress Sidebar

The official Member Profile plugin is suitable if you only want to display a simple member profile somewhere on your WordPress site. In the case that you’d like to enhance the integration between your website and your LinkedIn profile by showing other information like recommendations and LinkedIn card, you can turn to the other method analyzed below.

Embed LinkedIn Profile by Using the WP LinkedIn Plugin

WP LinkedIn is a useful plugin that helps you add various parts of a LinkedIn profile to WordPress. The choices include the normal LinkedIn profile, the recommendations, network updates, profile picture, and LinkedIn card. The plugin offers different shortcodes for these choices, and you can even make your own customizations to the display by modifying template files.

Embed LinkedIn Profile in WordPress with WP LinkedIn

After installing the plugin, you can access its settings in Settings > LinkedIn. There you will see a warning message telling that you must create a LinkedIn application in order to access LinkedIn API. Under the “LinkedIn API” tab, you have to enter the Client Secret and Client ID of the application to make the plugin work.

LinkedIn API

To acquire the necessary information, you have to visit LinkedIn developers’ site to create an application.

LinkedIn Applications

The new application will require some necessary information including the company name, application name, application description, logo, usage, your website URL, business email and your business phone number. With all the required fields completed, you can submit the form to get the application created.

Create a LinkedIn Application

Upon successful creation, you will see the new application as well as its authentication keys. Now you need to go back to the settings of the WP LinkedIn plugin, copy the redirect URL under the “LinkedIn API”, and add the URL to the redirect URL field in the “OAuth 2.0” section on the LinkedIn application page.

Redirect URL

After updating the application information, you can copy the authentication keys and paste them in the corresponding fields in the plugin settings. Remember to save the changes.

Configure LinkedIn API

As long as the plugin is set up to work, you can display your LinkedIn profile in the sidebar of your WordPress site by dragging the “LinkedIn Profile” widget to the sidebar area. Also, you can choose whether to show the connections.

LinkedIn Profile Widget

If you want to show the profile in a WordPress post or page, simply use the shortcode [li_profile].

And to add the specific parts of the profile to your website, make use of the corresponding shortcodes offered by the WP LinkedIn plugin.

WP LinkedIn Shortcodes

You can enable full profile, customize the profile fields, change the profile language and configure several other options under the “Options” tab of the plugin settings.

Plugin Options

In addition, under the “Tools” tab, you will get two simple tools that enable you to regenerate the LinkedIn access token, and clear the cache when necessary.

Plugin Tools


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