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How to Embed Featured Videos in WordPress

How to Embed Featured Videos in WordPress

For all the WordPress users, the featured image must for familiar. After all, you can pick up the default or the custom image for each of your blog post for representing. It works to grab people’s eyes and helps people better know your content. But how about the featured videos? This time, we will talk about this topic and tell you how to embed featured videos in WordPress.

In fact, using videos to replace the images seems strange and stylistic. However, you can get some special benefits as follows.

  • Videos are much more engaging and interesting, which can complement your word and images in the best way.
  • You can generate the video versions of your blog posts. In this case, people can select the medium they want to use easily.

Install the Featured Video Plus

The installation of the Featured Video Plus plugin is the easiest way to embed the featured video. It will add the featured video option to the WordPress editor screen, along with the shortcode so as to better implement the showcase. Note that this plugin allows you to embed both local videos and the videos coming from other sources like Vimeo and YouTube.

Now, you should follow up the below listed two steps.

Set Up for Its Basic Settings

Here, you can determine the basic showcase settings of the featured videos in WordPress.

  • Display mode – You can replace the featured image automatically or on each click, open the video overlay when the featured image is clicked.
  • Display conditions – You can show it when people check the single post and page, when on the post index page and only inside the main query of each page.
  • Video sizing – You can make it responsive.
  • Video alignment – You need to choose among three options – Left, Center and Right.
  • Default Arguments – Here, we highly recommend you to decide some display conditions.

Featured Video Plus Settings

Add the Featured Image

Upon the plugin settings, you just need to open the editing screen and navigate to the Featured Video section. Here, you can choose to upload the video from your local computer or include a video URL into the blank field.

Add Featured Image


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