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How to Embed Facebook Post into WordPress Posts?

How to Embed Facebook Post into WordPress Posts?

Bloggers always need all kinds of content and hope to embed content from other places to improve blog diversity and reliability. In the earlier on WhatsWP, we have introduced the methods to embed PDF files, YouTube videos, Twitter tweets into WordPress sites. In this tutorial, we are going to guide readers to embed Facebook posts into WordPress posts and pages.

Facebook is the largest social network on the Internet, which has millions of active users from different countries and nations. With attractive and amazing messages, photos and news shared in Facebook, bloggers can easily get fresh ideas and extract helpful information for their blogs. In addition, Facebook also gives them the ability to embed posts into other websites directly. In the following, we just tell about the simple introduction and detailed steps.

Check Whether a Post can be Embedded

Before start to embed a post, you should first check whether the post is embeddable. As a matter of fact, only the public post can be embedded into other websites while the post with any privacy settings cannot. For public post, you can see a global icon next to the date and time position, just like the below screenshot.

Check Post Status

Move your mouse over the global icon, it prompts Public status. You can also click through the time link to get the post URL which can be used in the next step when embedding a post.

Embed Facebook Post with Plugin

As WordPress is along with a powerful Plugin architecture to extend site functionality, it is quite easy to embed Facebook posts with the official Facebook plugin, which gives users the ability to embed posts by pasting the URL into WordPress editor, creating a shortcode or even calling a function from the theme.

Install and activate this plugin, and then it adds a Facebook menu on the left menu bar. At present, you need to get the post URL and then paste it into post editor with a separate line, just like the following.

paste url link

Finally, you can save the post/page as a draft and preview the effect.

Of course, you can use some alternatives as you wish. The following options are other great Facebook plugins available online, with which you can better manage your WordPress site and Facebook account in the same time.

Add Link to Fackbook


This plugin automatically adds links to posts or pages onto the Facebook so that a website can have a good visibility by social sharing. It integrates a WordPress site with Facebook comment box, Like / Send button, sharing meta data, social activity, etc.

Add Link to Fackbook

Facebook Plugin For WordPress


Facebook plug-in for WordPress is the official plug-in from Facebook allowing importing WordPress websites content to Facebook profile or page. It helps users add pages automatically, which has been optimized for social sharing. Beside, with this powerful plugin, people can increase the followers by sharing posts via Send Button and Facebook’s Like Button. Users are also allowed to publish new content to authors’ Facebook Timeline or brand page once you published the post. Besides, it also adds the following Facebook social features and functionality to your WordPress site.

Facebook Plugin For WordPress

Embed Facebook Post Manually

Using a plugin to embed Facebook post is truly simple and easy. However, too much plugins installed can slow down your site speed and decrease the user experience. In the case, you can manually embed Facebook post, which is also easy to handle with the below steps.

Once you determined which post to embed, you can click on the icon presents on the top right corner of the post on Facebook.

embed post manually

Then, click on Embed Post and it will pop up a dialog that contains the code for embedding this post and presents the preview effect. In addition, you are able to set the message width on this box.

embed this posts window

In the next, you just copy and paste the code into the place where you want to showcase the Facebook post on your site. Once completed, it looks like this:


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