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How to Embed Facebook Page Reviews in WordPress

How to Embed Facebook Page Reviews in WordPress

As far as we know, a great many our readers have the need to embed Facebook reviews in WordPress. Being one of them, you can find an easy solution to achieve the goal. Thanks to the recommended plugin, posting Facebook reviews from your page to your WordPress site won’t be a setback ahead of your hosting journey.

Why Embed Facebook Page Reviews in WordPress

It is a good thing that Facebook is featured with a star rating system. Your customers will have the convenience to rate your products and businesses via the system. To some extent, Facebook page views can be seen as testimonials in WordPress. Most users feel it difficult to leave a testimonial on your WordPress site. However, collecting testimonials can be much easier with the use of social media platforms, for example, Facebook.

Facebook page reviews will give you more chances to promote your business and create greater brand awareness. Without doubt, new users will have more trust in what others have said. Facebook page reviews on your WordPress site can be part of marketing strategies to build your brand.

Embed Facebook Page Reviews in WordPress

At the beginning, you probably take it for granted that Facebook page views are difficult to embed in WordPress. In the market, there are developers who have created some exclusive plugins. Facebook Reviews is the plugin which distinguishes itself from others.

The installation and activation of Facebook Reviews are the first steps to take. The detailed procedures to install a plugin are available in this guide, which makes it clear how to extend the WordPress functionality.

Once activated, the plugin will generate the Facebook Reviews widget on the Appearance > Widgets screen. Drag and drop the widget to appear in your sidebar.

Embed Facebook Page Reviews in WordPress - Facebook Reviews widget

The next thing is to input your widget title before the connection to your Facebook.

Embed Facebook Page Reviews in WordPress - Connect to Facebook

With a click on the Connect to Facebook button, you will have an overview of all your Facebook pages. After the selection of a page, the reviews will be displayed in your sidebar.

In fact, many widget settings are available to decide how to display your page reviews in WordPress.

In Review options, the reviews can be filtered before their showcase and the number of reviews per page is up to you.

Embed Facebook Page Reviews in WordPress - Review and Display Options

Having expanded Display Options, three options are available for you to check: Hide page photo, Hide user avatars, and Dark background. Also, you can put limits on the review length and choose a widget theme for your Facebook page reviews.

What comes after Display options are Slider options. The most noticeable option is to fix slider speed.

Advance options can meet your higher requirements. According to the settings, your Facebook page reviews can be optimized for faster speed and better user experience. Links, caches, and more can be managed in this section.

Embed Facebook Page Reviews in WordPress - Advance Options

When it comes to the end of your settings, don’t forget to save your changes with a click on the Save button. Then your Facebook page reviews can be seen from the sidebar on your WordPress site.

Embed Facebook Page Reviews in WordPress - Sample

There is also a pro version for the purpose of displaying Facebook reviews on any desired place. This can be possible with the shortcodes generated by the Facebook Reviews Pro.


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