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How to Embed Excel Files and Word Documents in WordPress

How to Embed Excel Files and Word Documents in WordPress

WordPress is the flexible content management system that allows you to embed a wide variety of contents into your website. For instance, you can display the standard blog post and showcase the photo gallery. Also, if needed, you can even embed some PDF files, Word documents and the Excel spreadsheets for the better explanation of your web contents.

We have already shared how to add the PDF files into your WordPress site. This time, we’d like to introduce an easy method of how to embed Excel files and Word Documents in WordPress.

Make Use of the Embed Any Document Plugin

The utilization of the Embed Any Document plugin is the easiest way that you can try. With it, you are allowed to upload and showcase the Microsoft Word documents and the Microsoft Excel files with ease. The Word document files include the docm, docx, dotx and dotm formats. The Excel files include the xlsm, xls, xlsb and xlsx formats.

Upon the plugin installation, you need to click the Embed Any Document button from the WordPress settings tab. Here, you can decide the general settings of this plugin. For instance, you can determine the default file size by entering the values in pixel or in percentage for the aspects of width and height.

In addition, if you want, you can show the download links for the Excel files and the Word Documents. Note that you have the right to decide the text for the download link and choose to show this special link to all the common visitors or only to the logged-in readers.

Embed Any Document Plugin Settings

Upload the Files

Now, you can start adding the documents. Here, you just need to access the post editing page and click the newly added Add Documents button.

In the next step, you should choose the source for adding and uploading your documents. For the free version of this plugin, you can upload the documents from the web URL, your local computer and the media library of your WordPress site. If your documents are stored in Box, Drive or Dropbox, you should upgrade this plugin to the pro version.

Upload Documents

Here, we need to mention that if you want to add the files from the web, you should enter the correct document URL along with the right suffix.

On the contrary, if you choose to upload from the local site or from WordPress, you also need to choose some advanced options upon the file uploading. Among these options, you can pass the settings for the display width, height and the download link, for you have already set up them on the general settings page.

This time, the only selection you should make is the file viewer between the options of the Google Docs Viewer and the Microsoft Office Online.

The great part of this plugin is that you can check the size of the file from the left hand and can get the preview of the shortcode. If you feel that everything is fine, you can click the Insert button simply.

Advanced Options

Now, you can update or publish this post. In most cases, the Excel file can be showcased as below.

Excel File

While the Microsoft Word file looks as the following.

Microsoft Word File


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