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EIG Releases Cloud Survey from VSB

EIG Releases Cloud Survey from VSB

EIG – Endurance International Group – has released a survey concerning about Cloud service from VSB (Very Small Business). According to the statistics, many VSBs fail to have a clear understanding of Cloud, especially how can this service benefit their business. In this case, EIG focuses itself in seeking about how VSBs estimate the value of Cloud.

EIGThere are 420 VSBs participating in this exploration. The majority of them are aware of the existence of Cloud, but have little knowledge of what it is and what it can do. Defining and evaluating Cloud is too difficult for many users.

When it comes to the utilization of Cloud, a majority of users only use the basic Cloud applications like email (73%), social networking platforms (72%), and Google search engine (56%), but few of them use the business-focused tools like collaboration tools (12%), productivity tools (9%) and survey builders (13%). For data storage service, more than three quarters of people use the cloud usage to store their images, emails, and documents. Thus, EIG decides to move up the ladders to achieve a better storage service.

In terms of Cloud computing, nearly a third of these surveyed people have heard about it but aren’t sure what it really means. There are only 11% use cloud-based computing currently, and 67% have never purchased the service for business.

30% of these people worry about the security issue, 29% cite privacy reason, 38% concern about cost, and 50% due to the lacking knowledge of Cloud computing. However, among those active users, 72% have never met these issues.

About EIG

This is one of the largest hosting companies with almost 20 years of history. Through a family of brands like BlueHost, HostGator, and iPage, it now serves over 3.4 million users all over the world.


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