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Easily Managed Multiple WordPress Sites with InfiniteWP Client

Easily Managed Multiple WordPress Sites with InfiniteWP Client

The creation and customization of a single WordPress site is an amusing task for thousands of website developers and administrators. But, when it comes to managing multiple WordPress site, the idea makes many administrators sweat. As executing plugin or theme update in multiple sites is a tiresome task, WordPress has come up with an effective solution to simplify the workload. With the introduction of InfiniteWP web application, every webmaster can manage multiple WordPress sites from a single dashboard.

What is InfiniteWP?

InfiniteWP is a special tool that allows the administrators to perform managerial and editorial tasks of various websites from a single dashboard. A user can update, activate, deactivate and delete the plugins and themes by using this application. Paired up with the InfiniteWP client plugin, it is a free tool for WordPress users.

Features and Highlights of InfiniteWP

InfiniteWP Features and HighlightsThere are many features and highlights of InfiniteWP that makes the web application superior to any other similar tool. More than just being a free platform, there are many benefits for every webmaster to use InfiniteWP. Listed here are some of the primary features of InfiniteWP.

  • One Master Login: Remembering the login information of multiple WordPress sites is the most confusing task for every administrator. With the InfiniteWP application, there is no need for remembering these details because the WordPress dashboards can be accessed by simply logging into the web application.
  • One-Click Updates: Users can simply update the plugins, themes and the core of every WordPress site managed through the InfiniteWP dashboard. The application displays the available updates for every site and offers its installation individually as well as collectively.
  • Instant Backup & Restore: The backup of the linked WordPress sites can be simultaneously stored through the Protect tab available in the web application. The backups can be managed selectively so that the effective backups can be used to restore respective websites, if necessary.
  • Manage Plugins & Themes: The plugins and themes of every website can be activated, deactivated or deleted directly from the dashboard. Also, new themes or plugins can be installed and activated in bulk with a single click.

Operating Process of InfiniteWP

InfiniteWP InstallationInstallation
The operating process of InfiniteWP for managing multiple websites starts with the installation of the web application. It should be kept in mind that InfiniteWP is a web tool and not a WordPress plugin. Therefore, it cannot be activated like a theme or plugin but needs to be treated like the installation of WordPress.

In other words, the user should download the InfiniteWP application and upload its material on the web hosting server. As the application is offered for free, this task can be executed simply by downloading the file and uploading to the directory using FTP after extracting all the files.

The next step is to open a specific directory and allows InfiniteWP to check the application requirements after license agreement. The next screen appears upon completion that requires the webmasters to enter the database details such as the database host, username and password along with login information. The login information is used to sign into the dashboard of InfiniteWP.

Then, the web application can run the installation process by creating tables in the database. After the installation completes, a success message can appear on the screen asking the webmasters to delete the install folder. The folder can be deleted by deleting the install directory present in the InfiniteWP directory. The website owner can now operate the InfiniteWP application to manage multiple websites.

Operating Process
InfiniteWP Operating ProcessWhen it comes to using InfiniteWP, the user should primarily log into the InfiniteWP dashboard and follow the guidelines. The application comes up with a suggestive comment to take a tour. It is recommendable to take this tour because it renders brief information about the usability of the application to the user. Once done, it’s time to add WordPress sites to the web application. It can be done by clicking on the “Add Website” button available in the InfiniteWP dashboard.

Before moving on to the next step, it is imperative to log into the WordPress site and install InfiniteWP Client Plugin. The plugin can be installed and activated like all the basic plugins on WordPress. Every WordPress site that is to be linked to InfiniteWP should have the client plugin installed. The plugin provides an activation key that is required in the InfiniteWP dashboard.

After getting the activation key, the user can connect the WordPress site to the InfiniteWP by entering the activation key on the allotted field. Now, multiple websites can be managed easily. The InfiniteWP dashboard displays the websites along with its plugins and themes. These elements can be easily updated from the dashboard. Furthermore, the user can create backups of WordPress websites including the files and database from the Protect tab of this web application.


Overall, it can be concluded that InfiniteWP is a cost-effective solution to manage multiple WordPress sites. The user-interface of the web application is simplified, and users can easily execute operational activities for managing multiple sites through one source.


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