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DreamHost VS InMotion Hosting - Small Business Hosting Comparison

DreamHost VS InMotion Hosting – Small Business Hosting Comparison

There are many web hosts target the small business market, among which DreamHost and InMotion hosting are two popular companies. While similar in many aspects, there are a number of key areas setting them apart. To help readers choose the better one, we make this DreamHost VS InMotion Hosting on which is a better choice for small business, based on price, features, performance & speed, reliability & uptime, and customer support.


In the following sections, we mainly compare the shared hosting for small business. Based on our editorial review, the overall rating of the web hosting plans of these 2 companies are as below:

Rating InMotion Hosting DreamHost
Overall 4.5 stars 3 stars
Features 4 stars 3 stars
Loading Speed 5 stars 2.5 stars
Reliability 5 stars 3.5 stars
Technical Support 4.5 stars 3 stars
Price $3.49/mo $5.95/mo
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DreamHost and InMotion hosting are different in market segments that DreamHost pays much attention to cloudhosting, while InMotion hosting focuses for small & medium sized business websites from shared hosting to VPS and dedicated servers.


In terms of price, DreamHost web hosting is starting at $8.95/mo for the 2-year billing term. That is much more expensive than many competitors. And now, this company releases 34% discount, cutting the price down to $5.95/mo.

Instead of pricing for $7.99/mo, InMotion business hosting is in the discount of 56% off, starting at $3.49 each month for the readers who are going through this exclusive promotional link.

InMotion Promotional Link Activatation

We could see that InMotion business hosting plan is a little cheaper than the DreamHost’s. Additionally, InMotion also provides extra free features such as a domain name, $100 Google AdWords credits, $75 Bing/Yahoo search credits, and $75 Amazon listing credits. Customers could get much more benefits than what they pay indeed.

Price InMotion Hosting DreamHost
Plan in Comparison Launch Plan Happy Hosting
Initial Price $3.49/mo $5.95/mo
Renewal Price $7.99/mo $8.95/mo
Marketing Credits $250 $100
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DreamHost and InMotion have many similarity in features, such as unlimited storage, monthly bandwidth, FTP accounts, and email usage, and they both support PHP 5, Perl, Python, MySQL 5, and more. Also, InMotion offers free SSDs and two kinds of databases including PostgreSQL and MySQL.

Feature InMotion Hosting DreamHost
Plan in Comparison Launch Plan DreamHost
Control Panel cPanel Custom
1-Click Install Yes Yes
PHP Yes Yes
Python Yes Yes
Perl Yes Yes
Ruby Yes Yes
Premium Site Builder Yes No
Daily Automated Backups Yes No
Money Back 90 days 97 days

Speed & Uptime

Everything makes no sense if a website is slow and always down. DreamHost guarantees at least 100% uptime, and in fact, this promise makes some sense. With 1 single data center in Log Angeles, CA, the visitors of the website around the data center could have fast loading speed. For those far away from East Coast of US or aboard, the speed could be much slower.

InMotion Hosting has 2 advanced data centers with 100% DELL servers to keep a 99.9% hosting uptime well. Meanwhile, InMotion Hosting utilizes the Max Speed Zone and SSD technologies to guarantee a high level of reliability and the peak performance.

We have monitored both DreamHost and InMotion hosting performance for a couple of months. The latter is much faster. Below is the comparison of server response time in the past 30 days.

Customer Service

Choosing a hosting which comes with friendly and professional support is important for small businesses that don’t have enough staff for technical support. In this case, DreamHost support which is limited with email support is a serious concern for many customers. By contrast, InMotion support, which is available for 24×7 phone call, email chat & email ticket, is more friendly to customers.

As well, both DreamHost and InMotion have online support center where includes rich resources that customers could easily find the answers of common questions.

Support InMotion Hosting DreamHost
24×7 Support Yes Yes
Toll Free Phone Support Yes No
Live Chat Yes Yes
Email Yes Yes
Forum Yes Yes
Video Tutorials Yes No

Additionally, customers could be assured for both DreamHost and InMotion support because they both provide money back guarantee. Or they could ask refund if they are unsatisfied with the services. But note that DreamHost 97-day money back guarantee is valid for credit card payments only.

Conclusion – InMotion Hosting Is Better for Small Business

After the comprehensive comparison between DreamHost VS InMotion Hosting, we think InMotion hosting is better for small business. With the cost of only $3.49/mo, customers could get InMotion business hosting at a more affordable rate with more features, faster speed and more professional support.


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