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DreamHost VS Arvixe – Which is the Better Web Hosting Provider?

DreamHost VS Arvixe – Which is the Better Web Hosting Provider?

DreamHost VS ArvixeThis comparison of DreamHost VS Arvixe is carried out for helping our readers clearly understand the differences and commons between the 2 companies. So, at the end of this post, readers can easily pick up a suitable web hosting solution from DreamHost or Arvixe according to their actual requirements.

DreamHost and Arvixe are two reliable web hosting providers that are well-known for rich features. However, as they come with similar products and services, many customers wonder which one provides really excellent web hosting service. In order to find the answer, we have reviewed and compared DreamHost and Arvixe on price, features, speed, uptime, and technical support.

Rating Arvixe DreamHost
Platfrom Windows, Linux Linux
Feature rating 4.5 rating 4
Performance rating 4.5 rating 4.5
Reliability rating 4.5 rating 4.5
Support rating 5.0 rating 4
Arvixe Review DreamHost Review

The Differences Between DreamHost VS Arvixe

DreamHost and Arvixe are both reliable and affordable, having a lot of common points on hosting services. Meanwhile, they also come with a series of differences which set them apart from each other. In below, we introduce the detailed differences between DreamHost VS Arvixe on backgrounds, pricing & promotion, features, performance, and technical support. Note that we mainly focus on the shared web hosting service.

Different Backgrounds

differenceDreamHost is an experienced web hosting provider since April, 1997. It only focuses on domains and Linux based web hosting services including shared hosting, DreamPress, VPS hosting, cloud hosting and dedicated servers.

Founded in 2003, Arvixe is relatively newer than DreamHost. But with 10 years experience, Arvixe has also been one of the best web hosting providers worldwide. At present, it is offering both Linux and Windows based hosting solutions for thousands of personal, small business and enterprise websites on a global level.

Pricing & promotion

Affordable price is always an attraction for web hosting. Webmasters may be disappointed by DreamHost regular price, which is starting at $8.95/mo. But now, customers just need to pay $5.95/mo with the 34% discount.

If you are budget-limited, don’t worry. Arvixe is starting at low to $2.80/mo for customers using the exclusive coupon code BWH360, 30% off the regular price $4.00/mo and 69% cheaper than that of DreamHost.

Arvixe Coupon Code Activation

Feature Differences

With different price, DreamHost and Arvixe come with different features. For example, Arvixe utilizes the most popular and user-friendly cPanel as its control panel while DreamHost develops its custom control panel. And Arvixe supports CloudFlare CDN to optimize the hosting websites. Besides, they are also different in providing other advanced features and scripts listed in the below table. Note that, the Arvixe Personal plan is selected here.

Feature Arvixe DreamHost
Price $2.80/mo $5.95/mo
Hosted Websites 6 Unlimited
cPanel Control Panel Yes No
Custom DNS no Yes
SSL Yes Yes
PHP5 Yes Yes
PHP5 Yes Yes
Perl Yes Yes
Python Yes Yes
Ruby on Rails Yes Yes

As the above table shows, both companies allocate sufficient resources to the hosted websites. Considering about Arvixe affordable price, we can simply conclude that Arvixe is a cost effective choice.


Arvixe and DreamHost both perform excellently. As we monitor their performance for over 12 months, they are always keeping 99.99% uptime and running fast. Looking at the following statistics chart of server response time in the past 30 days, Arvixe is nearly 12% faster than DreamHost.

Technical Support

Though both DreamHost and Arvixe offer 24×7 US based technical support, their specific implementations are completely different. DreamHost support is only available via email. For customers want to get helps via phone or live chat, they need to pay for the Premium Support for $14.95/mo.

However, Arvixe provides 24×7 free support via phone, live chat and email ticket. Besides, it also includes knowledgebase and user forum on the official website.

The Commons Between DreamHost VS Arvixe

Although DreamHost and Arvixe have many differences each other, they are still similar on the following points.

  • DreamHost and Arvixe are both experienced and professional web hosting providers with more than 10 years experience in the field.
  • Both companies provide free domain name for new customers. Only Arvixe prices free domain for life while DreamHost free domain is just available for the 1st year.
  • DreamHost and Arvixe provide $100 Google AdWords credits to allow customers to promote their websites online.
  • Both companies accept credit card and online PayPal payments and offer money back guarantee to ensure the purchase security.
  • Two companies both offer unlimited basic features like storage, bandwidth, Email & FTP accounts, etc.

Conclusion – Arvixe is Recommended

Based on the comprehensive comparison between DreamHost VS Arvixe above, we can know that Arvixe is better than DreamHost, in terms of affordable price, rich feature and even friendly technical support.


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