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DreamHost Review - Is DreamHost Right For WordPress
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DreamHost Review – Is DreamHost Right For WordPress

This DreamHost review aims to tell whether DreamHost is right for WordPress on the analyses of price, feature, uptime, speed, support, and more. DreamHost, established in 1997, is a renowned web hosting provider, which is involved in diverse hosting as shared web hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting and cloud hosting. With more than 20 years experience, it has gained remarkable accomplishments in the field and powered more than 1.5+ million websites currently. There are 750k+ WordPress installations with DreamHost.

Also, it is outstanding on price, features, speed & uptime, technical support, and satisfaction guarantee. You can see the overall ratings in below.

According to our detailed reviews, DreamHost WordPress hosting is a good choice for individuals, small to medium sized businesses. In the below review, we are to reveal some secrets of DreamHost for you.


DreamHost fixes the prices of its WordPress hosting at $10.95 per month, which seems affordable compared to the industry average price for $8 per month. To attract more customers, DreamHost releases special discounts to make the service as low as $7.95/mo. Activate such exclusive discounts by going through the following link.

DreamHost Promotional Link Activation

Besides, you should note the fluctuation of DreamHost prices. The hosting solution is available for monthly, 2-year and 3-year billing terms, pricing at $10.95/mo, $9.95/mo and $7.95/mo respectively. Note that, by going through the given promotional link, customers also can pay $9.95/mo for the yearly plan. There is no fee for account setup, which saves customers much budgets.


DreamHost furnishes some basic features as unlimited disk storage, monthly bandwidth, domains hosted, SSH, SFTP, POP/IMAP/Webmail, MySQL 5 Databases. Some advanced features are also available for webmasters.

  • PHP 7.1 Support, Perl, Ruby on Rails, Python
  • Crontab Access, SSI, SSL
  • Canned CGI Scripts, Full CGI Access

Ease of Use

With regard to control panel, DreamHost develops a unique web-based account control to provide a personal hosting valet. The DreamHost custom control panel lacks an intuitive interface that is easy to handle. A few options are available here, which making it some difficult to well manage and develop a website.

But DreamHost still offers a one-click installation, allowing you to quickly install and upgrade some of the most popular applications, for example, WordPress.

Speed & Uptime

DreamHost guarantees a reliable hosting environment to each customer. Actually, it delivers 99.92% uptime in effect. To be frank, this is really an excellent uptime in the field. Certainly, DreamHost cannot make the 100% uptime guarantee come true due to the needed server maintenance and more.

DreamHost performs excellently in reliability but does a mediocre job on hosting speed. It has been partnering with a Los-Angeles-based collocation provider which equips general servers and utilizes common networks. But what’s better is to operate a data center by itself. As we monitored its server response time in the past 12 month, it responds 500ms averagely. The server response time is considered to be a little long in comparison with the best web hosts in the market.

Technical Support

Just as most web hosts which provide 24×7 technical support to serve for customers in every second, DreamHost also provides technical support for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Nevertheless, you can only obtain the technical support through email. The live chat support and ticket support are only available for customers. It is a pity that DreamHost does not provide phone support.

According to our real experience on DreamHost technical support, we find that all support staffs are patient and friendly. They can give us valid solutions within a few minutes.

Purchase Security

DreamHost promises 97-day money back guarantee which allows you to cancel the services for disatisfaction. Nonetheless, you should note that the money back guarantee is for credit card payment only. It’s not eligible for the accounts purchased via Check or wire transfer.


From the above, DreamHost meets the common requirements of most webmasters. The high level of reliability and performance make sure that all hosted websites run smoothly. Rich resources and advanced features allow customers to build a functional website.

But those who value ease of use, page loading speed, and phone support should think twice before going with DreamHost.


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