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Divi WordPress Theme Review - Is Right for a Business Site?

Divi WordPress Theme Review – Is Right for a Business Site?

There are tremendous numbers of WordPress themes in the market today. Elegant Themes, being a leading contributor of WordPress themes, offers many effective template options for WordPress users. Divi is a powerful theme developed by Elegant Themes out of the bunch of 87 choices. As Divi is used by thousands of WordPress sites, many webmasters have come up with Divi theme review highlighting its page builder features.

In the following, we have focused on all areas of the popular theme to ensure a complete Divi theme review. To begin with, we have taken all the important factors of a theme into consideration to review including pricing, style, appearance, highlights, and main features, etc.

divi theme review appearance

Style and Appearance

The Divi WordPress theme has raised the standard of style and appearance of WordPress sites by rendering an impressive design. This theme offers various things such as large sliders, full-width layouts and attractive icons that add to the site’s appearance. In addition to these, this theme has a responsive design that allows a website to blend well with different screen sizes or resolutions.

There are numerous layouts and backgrounds that can be customized appropriately to suit the subject and content of the website. Also, it facilitates in the creation of various portfolio types, blog layouts and post types.

Main Features

divi theme review main featruesThe Divi theme for WordPress is completely packed with a big list of features. There are tremendous numbers of things in this theme that influence thousands of webmasters to use it. As the interface and efficiency are the most considerable factors for every webmaster, let’s look at what Divi has got to offer.

Control Panel

Starting with the control panel, Divi uses the standard control panel that is offered by Elegant Themes. With it, the theme options page showcases a standard themes layout that is a simplified and user-friendly. However, there is a good news for the webmasters who don’t prefer using the Elegant Themes control panel – they can switch over to the basic WordPress control panel after uploading several things such as site’s logo, favicon and some customizations.

Page Builder

Proceeding to the most effective feature, the page builder is a powerful offering to the WordPress sites. Divi has a drag and drop page builder feature that allows the webmasters to make customizations and configurations conveniently.

The page builder is located in the page editor menu of the standard WordPress site. The user can navigate to this menu through the “New” option that comes with the installation of the tool. Clicking on this button changes the basic post editor option of WordPress to a new page builder tool.

The page builder tool is highly customizable, so it allows the site owners to create personalized layouts. However, it should be noted that users should have a fair knowledge of WordPress as well as theme customization to use this tool appropriately. The tool has a three-level hierarchical system that consists of sections, rows and modules.

Customization Options

divi theme review customizationThe method of adding a new row, column or module is simple. All one needs to do is to click on the “+” symbol and choose the suitable option. Innovative customizations can be made by playing with the placements of rows, columns and modules efficiently. The user can also make modifications in placements by dragging and dropping a section in the preferable slot.

Overall, there are 17 modules that can be added to a page by using the page builder tool. This includes some great options such as images, pricing tables, portfolios, text and sliders. The best part of Divi is that it doesn’t involve the need for coding. Therefore, it’s the best option for users who don’t prefer to use codes.


Being a revolutionary offering from Elegant Themes, Divi has a big list of highlights. Some of the most attractive highlights are worth discussable in this Divi theme review.

  • Firstly, it renders an impressive animated logo along with a banner slide on the Homepage. Secondly, the presence of animated buttons is appreciable as it takes the standard of icons to the next level.
  • Thirdly, it is a versatile theme that suits different niches of websites. An artistic website can customize the theme to blend well with the photos and gallery while a commercial website can make transactions conveniently due to the WooCommerce integration.
  • Lastly, the customer support team and online communities are helpful enough to solve minor issues in minutes.


divi theme review pricingAll the exciting and powerful features can be accessed by purchasing the Divi theme from the Elegant Themes store. There are two ways by which one can get this theme from Elegant Themes, i.e. by purchasing the Divi theme directly or becoming a Premium subscriber of Elegant Themes.

The Divi WordPress theme costs $39 for the complete package of tools. Meanwhile, one can join the Elegant Themes club by paying $69, $89 and $249 for personal, developer and lifetime access packages of the store.


Overall, the theme has gained popularity in six out of seven continents and has been used by thousands of WordPress sites. Therefore, it can be concluded that it is a powerful theme that renders stylish layout without bargaining with the performance of a WordPress site.


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