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How to Display WordPress Posts Alphabetically

How to Display WordPress Posts Alphabetically

By default, your WordPress posts are organized and displayed in descending chronological order. In other words, the newest post will be at the top of list while the oldest one will be at the bottom of the list. It is good for you to inform users of the latest information. However, there are some instances where you want to display WordPress posts alphabetically.

When changing the default order into alphabetical one, you will promote your WordPress site in a better way. It is much easier for your users to browse and access your content. There are two methods available for you to list WordPress posts in alphabetical order.

  • In the WordPress core configuration, the default order can be changed with the adding of code snippet to the fucntions.php file. If you have some experience to edit code, you can get the job done by making some changes to the functions.php file in your theme.
  • You will give a high priority to a plugin if knowing nothing or just a little about codes.

Then we will take a close look at how you get the desired effect with the two different methods.

Display WordPress Posts Alphabetically with Codes

No matter when you want to edit the source code, you’d better create a backup for the entire website because you will suffer a lot from the loss of critical data which may only be caused by an accidental edit. Therefore, you are advised to put a copy of WordPress theme in a secure place so that you have the ability to restore your changes when errors occur on your WordPress site. Alternatively, you can also create a child theme which will not pose a threat to the security of your website.

Anyway, you need to find the functions.php file where you add the below code snippet to extend the functionality. The file can be accessed in the wp-content/themes folder. When you save your changes and reload your front page, your WordPress posts will be displayed alphabetically.

Add Code Snippet

Display WordPress Posts Alphabetically with a Plugin

If you are worried to mess up your website, it is wise for you to make use of an exclusive plugin which can not only reduce your risk but also save you much time to reach the goal. However, you may lose your way in the sea of plugins. In our experience, we would like to recommend Alphabetical List more which allows you to display posts in vertical columns prefixed with alphabet letters in an easy way.

Generally speaking, you don’t need to upload a plugin into your WordPress site because it is more convenient to download a plugin from WordPress plugin directory. However, Alphabetical List is an exception which requires you to download the alphabetical_list folder and upload it to /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

Upload Plugin

Upon installation and activation, you can select the categories which you would like to order alphabetically on the result screen of Settings > Alphabetical List. When you update the changes, you will have WordPress Posts under selected categories display in alphabetical order if everything goes well.

Check Categories

Wrap Up

For the convenience, you need to give preference to a plugin. If it fails to work normally, you can turn your eyes towards the first method. Again, an attention should be paid to create a copy of the original files before the editing and find a safe place to store the copy. Also, the source files can be found from the developer if possible. This can better protect your website from data loss.


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