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How to Display WordPress Breadcrumbs in Google Search Results?

How to Display WordPress Breadcrumbs in Google Search Results?

Breadcrumb is a useful graphical control element used by webmasters to showcase the place of a webpage in the website hierarchy. It is great for websites because of the ease of navigation for visitors and can help Google to know your hierarchy structure. To help readers boost WordPress SEO with it, here we are going to explain what breadcrumbs are and show you the guidelines to display WordPress breadcrumbs in Google search results.

What is Breadcrumbs and Why Use It for Your Site?

what is BreadcrumbsBreadcrumbs, still known as breadcrumb trails, are category navigation displayed to help visitors understand where the web page exactly locates at. They include navigational links that visitors come to the current page and offer a trail for visitors to back to the starting point.

In general, there are two kinds of web breadcrumbs: Location and Attribute. Location breadcrumb is static and displays within a website to showcase viewer the location in the website hierarchy; while the attribute breadcrumb displays the information that categorizes a post.

Breadcrumbs are presented horizontally and appear on the top of webpage content and below the headers. They contain attractive navigation element, giving visitors the clear location where they are at and helping them back to the start page quickly. Usually, breadcrumbs contain a sign like > as hierarchy separator, which is can be customized as other signs by designers. For example, some typical breadcrumbs look like this:

  • Home > Category page > Sub-category page
  • Home: Category page: Sub-category page

Well, our WhatsWP customizes the breadcrumb like the below screenshot.

whatswp breadcrumbs

In addition, if you create breadcrumbs for a site, they are also displayed in Google search results. In this case, it presents the category links instead of the full URL, which can attract visitors’ sights and drive additional traffic to the category pages. Naturally, the breadcrumbs in Google search result look like this:

breadcrumbs in search results

How to Display WordPress Breadcrumbs?

With the full advantages, Breadcrumbs is helpful and useful for boosting SEO for websites. In the below part, we help you to display WordPress breadcrumbs in search results.

WordPress SEO by Yoast is a powerful SEO plugin that enables you easily to add breadcrumbs into WordPress sites. First of all, you should install and activate the plugin, and then configure the settings to enable breadcrumbs.

Go to SEO -> Internal Links, and then select the Enable Breadcrumbs checkbox on the Breadcrumbs Settings. Besides, you can also customize other settings, such as separator between breadcrumbs, prefix for the breadcrumb path and 404 page, anchor text for the homepage, and so on.

breadcrumbs settings

Then, you can decide the taxonomy to show in breadcrumbs for None, Category, Tag, or Format.

Taxonomy to show in breadcrumbs

However, if your theme still doesn’t support breadcrumbs, you need to activate breadcrumb in the theme’s template and tell it how to showcase your breadcrumb. You can complete the process with a small piece of code.

Before going on, make sure which page/post you want the breadcrumb to show on. Basically, we hope to display breadcrumbs on all post pages.

Then, find the single.php file and insert into the below code so that your theme can correctly display breadcrumbs as you expect.

code image 1

If you need additional settings, you can add the below code.

code image 2

  • $prefix indicates the prefix of your breadcrumb, and it defaults to an empty string.
  • $suffix is added on the back of your breadcrumb, and it also defaults to an empty string.
  • $display sets as false (by default) or true, will return the breadcrumb path.

By this way, you display the breadcrumb on both your site and Google search result.


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