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How to Display Video Thumbnail in WordPress Posts Automatically

How to Display Video Thumbnail in WordPress Posts Automatically

To bring more content variety for the blog posts, most webmasters now will include the videos. If you are one of them, the display of the video thumbnails is really important. After all, the proper thumbnails bring the better understanding for your readers to learn what the videos are talking about. In this case, displaying the video thumbnails as the featured images of your blog posts can better encourage people to check your content. In the following, we have come out the easy tutorial of how to display video thumbnail in WordPress posts automatically.

Surely, you can create and showcase the video thumbnails in a manual way. For this, you need to load your video, make a screenshot with the high definition, upload that image to your media library and set it as the featured image. The whole process is not difficult, but will cost you time and energy. In this case, if you are looking for the automatic way, the following method can help you a lot.

Install the Video Thumbnails Plugin

To achieve the automatic creation of your video thumbnails, we highly recommend you to install the Video Thumbnails plugin for your WordPress site. This special plugin can effectively simplify the process of generating and showcasing the video thumbnails for your blog posts. At present, it supports for 19 different online video resources. In this case, you can be covered easily no matter which platform you choose to host your videos.

With the proper utilization of it, no matter when you publish a post, this plugin will retrieve the video image for you. It is possible that you have added more than one video into the content. If so, only the thumbnail of the first video will be retrieved.

Upon the successful retrieving, the image can be saved into the media library of your website and set as the featured image of your post automatically. Note that this feature supports for the custom fields and the custom post type as well.

Set Up Video Thumbnail General Options

Now, you should access the plugin settings page by clicking the Settings > Video Thumbnail button. Here, if your current template already supports the post thumbnails setting, you should tick the first two checkboxes in the general settings part.

  • Save Thumbnails – The plugin will download the video thumbnails to your web servers.
  • Set Featured Image – This plugin will set your video thumbnails as the post featured images automatically.

In addition, you also need to choose the post types that can apply for the video thumbnail feature. Also, if needed, you can enter the name of your custom field that you use to store the video URL and embed the code.

Video Thumbnail General Options

Enter the Authentication of Video Providers

If you use the videos from some third-party online sources like Vimeo and Google Drive, you should provide the access authentication of them.

Video Providers Authentication

Use the Mass Actions

From this part, you can scan all your blog posts for the existing video thumbnails. Also, if you want, you can delete these images along with the thumbnail attachments.

Mass Actions

Now, you can save the settings. In the editing screen of your blog post, you can find a new box of Video Thumbnail. After embedding the video, this box will showcase the thumbnail automatically. And this image will be set as the featured image for this article if you do not assign one manually.


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