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How to Display the Upcoming Updates in WordPress Sites

How to Display the Upcoming Updates in WordPress Sites

To run a successful website, only ensuring the high-quality post contents, frequent updates and wide social sharing are not enough. Moreover, you have to make your readers highly engaged with all the changes and updates happened on your site. Here, we mean you’d better showcase an advance notice that indicates what contents will be published and what events will be handled on your site. Personally speaking, this practice can effectively maintain the attention of your readers on your site. And then, you can encourage them to subscribe to your newsletters for the further notification.

If you do not know how to do this, in the following, we have shared two choices about how to display the upcoming updates in WordPress sidebar or pages, which are for both new posts and new events in the future.

Display Upcoming Posts in WordPress Sidebar

It is possible that you are not willing to publish your blog posts right after the completion of the article contents, but save them as the drafts for the future releasing. Personally, having enough drafts saved in the back-end is a good choice to ease the burden of post editing. This can also ensure the regular publishing effectively.

In addition, WordPress has the default feature of scheduling the publishing of each blog post in the editing screen. In this case, you can check and control them easily. However, when it comes to the showcase of these drafted and scheduled articles that will be posted a few days latter, you need to leverage the WordPress plugin.

This time, we recommend you to install the SOUP plugin, which is a widget based plugin to show off your upcoming blog posts totally based on your needs. Note that these drafts and scheduled contents will be displayed in the sidebar of your webpages so that people can be enticed easily to come back to your site again when their interested posts are published.

Make Use of the Upcoming Posts Widget

As for the utilization this plugin, it is quite simple. There is no need to make any plugin configurations. What you need to do is to click Appearance > Widgets. Here, you can find the newly added Upcoming Posts widget. And then, you can add it to your preferred sidebar location.

For the better display of the upcoming contents, you’d better make some further modifications here. For instance, you can determine the title of this widget, enter the number of posts to be showcased, choose to display the post date and RSS link or not and decide the sort order for the upcoming articles.

Upcoming Posts Widget

In addition, if you want to showcase the newsletter, you can also display the newsletter URL here. Besides, it is possible that you may have no pending, drafted and scheduled posts yet. In this case, you’d better showcase a proper error message in this field.

Upcoming Posts Display

Display Upcoming Events in Both WordPress Sidebar and Pages

In addition to what you want to publish a few days latter, you also need to notice your readers of the future events. Especially, if you have set up an online store, this practice is an effective way to forecast the discounts and promotional campaigns. This way, your readers may keep an eye on your site activity.

To display your upcoming events, the best location is your page sidebar. In this case, you’d better still choose the widget based plugin. Upcoming Events Lists plugin, for instance, is the right option to use.

This plugin is also a user-friendly one. It does not require you to further set up it. You only need to enter the WordPress widget section and drag the Upcoming Events widget into the sidebar section. And then, you should decide the widget title and the number of events to be showcased. That’s it! Your readers can check a list of your future events easily. Also, they can click the event title to check the details, starting and ending time, as well as the location.

Upcoming Events Lists Plugin

As for the creation of the upcoming events, you need to click the Event button in the WordPress admin/ After that, you can press the Add New button.

Here, you can introduce the event just like editing a blog post by entering the title and body section. In the right-side meta box, you need to enter the Event Info, telling people when the event starts and when it ends, along with the exact event venue to participate.

Upcoming Events Sample

Create Exclusive Upcoming Posts Webpage

If you constantly hold some activities and events, you can surely create an exclusive webpage to display the upcoming ones instead of showing them in the sidebar. If so, you can think about the Weekly Schedule plugin, with which you can tell people what will happen in the future 7 days.

To use this plugin, you need to enter its General Options page firstly. Here, you only need to click the Manage Schedule Item button. And then, you should enter your future events with their exclusive title, category, description, address, starting time and duration.

Manage Schedule Item Button

Note that this plugin will generate a shortcode for the event display automatically.

Upcoming Events Shortcode

Here, you only need to copy and paste the shortcode into your blog post or page, and the final result looks like as the following.

Upcoming Events in Post


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