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How to Display the Sticky Ads in WordPress

How to Display the Sticky Ads in WordPress

Placing the advertisements is a common practice for most webmasters to make money online. With the proper showcase, people can make a click on your ads to place the order of what they want. And in the meanwhile, you can get the corresponding commission and earnings with much ease. To maximize the chances for people to hit your ads, you can choose a sticky and proper showcase location on your website. Now, we’d like to introduce the easy steps of how to display the sticky ads in WordPress.

With the sticky showcase, your advertisements will appear all the times or float with the scrolling down of your webpages. This way, your readers can always see the ads so as to click them with the increased possibilities.

To achieve this kind of display, we have introduced two simple plugins in the following.

Option 1 – Sticky Ad Bar Plugin

The Sticky Ad Bar plugin allows you to showcase the ads banner in the footer or the header section of your website. No matter when people scroll down or scroll up, the ads will not move and will stick to that location. For the mobile display, the advertisements will appear on the top of the screen all the times.

Set Up the Display Options for Advertisements

Now, you can click the Sticky Ad Bar button from the admin after the plugin installation. Here, you can enable the sticky ads bar for all the users or only for those who check your website using the mobile phone. Also, to avoid the possibility that the ads display may bother your readers, you can showcase a Close button for the ads.

Ads Display Options

Next, you can move to the more detailed options. Here, you can choose the display position of the ads bar, the color background, the exact width and height, the text color and the text size. Even, for the proper display, you can set up for the computer showcase and the mobile showcase differently.

Bar Options

Enter the Ads Code

Now, you can enter your ads. These include the text ads, banner ads, image ads or the links. Even, you can paste the ads code that you get from some affiliate programs. Here, we need to mention that if you use Google Adsense, you cannot use the sticky feature due to the placement policies of this program.

Option 2 – Fixed Widget Plugin

As for the sticky ads display, the best location must be your sidebar. In this case, if you decide to showcase the ads in the sidebar, you can consider the utilization of the Fixed Widget plugin. With it, you can fix the positioning of your selected widget. In this case, the widget content will always be in sight when the page is scrolled up and down.

Note that there are no plugin settings required and you can make more than one widget stick to that location in multiple sidebars.

In this case, after the installation, you can move to the Widget section and choose the Text widget to enter the ads information. And then, you simply need to check the box of Fixed Widget. That’s it. Your sticky ads can appear easily in the sidebar.

Fixed Widget


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