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How to Display Security Questions on WordPress Login Page

How to Display Security Questions on WordPress Login Page

In fact, there are a lot of methods you can adopt to protect your WordPress login page. For instance, you can change the login URL to a custom one, pick up the strong login password and random username, limit the login attempts and many more. These practices can harness your website back-end and add the additional security layer for the whole site.

However, if you set up a membership website that has multiple users, these tips may bring some bad effects for the user experiences.

Now, to help you achieve the perfect balance between the aspects of user experience and security, we highly recommend you to display security questions on WordPress login page. Just check the following to know how to do so.

Display Security Questions on WordPress Login Page

In fact, by doing so, you can achieve the extra password for your WordPress login screen. With this special system, all your users need to choose a question from the random question list and offer the correct answer before finishing the login process. This simply makes it much harder for hackers to enter your WordPress admin without knowing the correct answers.

To do this, you can choose to install the WP Security Question plugin. This plugin allows you to enable the security question function on your login page. In this case, you can better protect your admin and your account even if your login credential has already been hacked.

Set Up the Questions

Upon the installation process, you firstly need to set up this plugin by clicking the Settings > Security Questions button.

Here, you can see a list of proper security questions that are offered by this plugin by default. Most of these questions are about the personal information of users or the webmasters, such as the childhood nickname, first stuffed animal, childhood hero and many more. Surely, you can use these questions directly. However, if you dislike these pre-made questions, you can edit them or even remove them. Note that you can also click the Add More button to generate some new questions.

Set Up the Questions

Enable the Question Showcase Screen

After setting up the proper security questions as you want, now, you need to determine their display screen. This plugin allows you to apply this feature to three pages. They are your WordPress login screen, the registration screen and the forget password screen.

Here, you simply need to hit the checkboxes for your wanted screens to showcase these security questions.

Question Showcase Screen

Do not forget to press the Save Settings button.

Determine the Answers

Next, it’s time to set up the corresponding answers. For this, you should enter your profile page by clicking the Users > Your Profile button. Here, you can scroll down to the bottom area of My Security Questions.

From this part, you can choose the question you prefer and enter the answer for it. After that, you need to click the Update Profile button.

Here, we need to mention that each user can only choose a single security question. Also, the question answer is tightly related to the user account. In this case, it is possible that there are multiple users choose the same question, but their answers are different.

My Security Questions

Now, your login page can look like as the following.

Security Questions


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