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How to Display Recipes on WordPress Posts

How to Display Recipes on WordPress Posts

With the development and massive popularity of WordPress, we have found an increasing number of WordPress food or restaurant blogs appearing on the web. Previously, we have already introduced the simple steps of how to create a WordPress food blog. However, as we fail to introduce the key part of recipes display in detail, this time, we have come out a detailed tutorial of how to display recipes on WordPress posts.

Actually, most of your food blog audiences not only want to know what delicious food you can make, but also want to know how you can make it. In this case, you’d better showcase the recipes so that people can learn to make the food easily. The following content will tell you how to do this effortlessly.

Install the WP Ultimate Recipe Plugin

To showcase the recipes, you can leverage the WordPress plugin such as WP Ultimate Recipe. This is a lightweight plugin that has the intuitive workflow. With it, you can add and display the recipes at any posts and pages. And your audiences can print the recipes, share your recipes and find other options using the exclusive ingredients.

Set Up the Recipe Plugin

After the installation, you can click the Recipes > Settings button from the admin panel to configure some general settings.

Recipe Template

There are 11 default templates for the proper showcase of your recipes, along with multiple print templates, AMP templates and RSS feed templates. After choosing the templates, you can also customize the display by deciding the color schemes. In addition, you can display the featured image for each recipe,

Recipe Template

As for the recipe box, you can decide the text to show when people hover over the Print button, allow your audiences to adjust the servings of your recipe, decide the recipe image title and many more.

Recipe Sharing

You can activate the sharing feature so that people can share your recipe on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus. Here, you simply need to choose the display language and default text for sharing.

Recipe Sharing

User Rating

The user rating feature allows your audiences to rate your recipes. Here, you can grant this right to all the people or to only those who are logged on your website. In addition, you can show the indicator to attract people’s attention to vote and choose the minimum number of the vote before sharing the rates.

User Rating

Besides these basic settings, you actually also can set up for many other aspects, such as the recipe archive, recipe fields, recipe tags, recipe grid and many more.

Add the Recipe

Now, you can click the Recipes > Add New button to add the recipe. After entering the title and the main introduction of this recipe, you should move down to finish the Recipe metabox.

General Information

Here, you need to enter the title, upload the image, provide the description, choose the star rating and enter the exact value for the default servings, preparatory time, cook time and passive time.

Recipe General Information


Next, you can enter the detailed information of the ingredients, including the required ingredients, quantity, unit and the special notes.


If the recipe is a little bit complicated, you can also add the detailed instructions and notes. In addition, from the right-hand boxes, you can tag the recipe based on cuisines and courses.

Display Recipes on WordPress Posts

Now, you just need to publish the recipe online. If you want to insert it into your current posts or pages, you can enter the target’s editing screen and click the WP Ultimate Recipe button via the visual editor. And the recipe can look just like following.

Demo Recipe


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