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How to Display Post Updated Date in WordPress

How to Display Post Updated Date in WordPress

Are you looking to change the date stamp of your blog posts when you have updated the post content? In the following, we’d like to introduce the simple ways of how to display post updated date in WordPress. In this case, both your readers and search engines can know when you have added something new to your current posts. And also, you can get more page visits when people realize the freshness of your current blog posts. Besides, the search engine crawlers can easily decide whether it is needed to save a new copy of your web content.

Frankly speaking, instead of coming out the new blog posts from the scratch, most webmasters are much more likely to refresh their old post contents. Especially, if you have already come out a post that uses the topic central to your niche, there is no need to publish a new article. Instead, it would be better for you to add the new information or opinions to the existing one. After all, this choice can save your time and effort a lot and can benefit the ranking of your published posts.

Make Use of the Post Updated Date Plugin

If you are looking for the easiest way, we highly recommend you to use the Post Updated Date plugin. This plugin requires you to do nothing upon the proper plugin installation. With it, you can showcase the latest updated date for your blog posts automatically.

Note that the date will appear just above your post content, coming with the words of “Last Updated On: Month Day, Year”. Note that the original published date is still there. In this case, people can know when you publish this blog post for the first time and when you have added the new information.

Post Updated Date in WordPress Demo

Choose the WP Last Modified Plugin

As compared with the first option, the WP Last Modified plugin can give you more freedom for the display of the post updated date. After the plugin installation, you need to click the WP Last Modified button from the dropdown list of Settings in your admin. Here, you can make some minor changes of how the date can showcase.

Set Up for the Last Modified Timestamp

To begin with, you should check the first box to activate the feature of showing the last updated timestamp. After that, you can decide where the date can appear. Here, you can display it above your post content or below the post content. Personally speaking, the “Above” position is the recommended option.

In the next step, you need to choose the format of the date display. Here, this plugin gives you 5 pre-defined options. You can choose one based on the format of your original published date for the uniformity.

In addition, you have the right to change the textual content before the updated date. The regular display words are “Last Updated”. If you want, you can change to any other words as you like.

Last Modified Timestamp

Lastly, you can move to the Revise Date Meta Information part. From this section, you can insert the meta information for the updated date in the head section of the pages and posts. You can find the sample code here. Even, you can choose to activate the date meta for your blog posts or pages only.


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