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How to Display Instagram Feeds in WordPress

How to Display Instagram Feeds in WordPress

Displaying Instagram feeds on your website is a hot trend for website promotion in recent years. This social networking platform was launched in 2010. Just in such a few years, they have more than 200 million users, including a lot of stars, celebrities and corporations. Their service is easy and addictive, allowing you to take and share the images and videos. Due to the great popularity and usage, in the following, we’d like to introduce how to display Instagram feeds in WordPress.

In fact, we have already told you how to integrate Instagram with WordPress previously. However, we forget the important part of Instagram feed. To put it simply, the Instagram feed is simply the first thing people will see when landing on your profile. From the below contents, you can learn how to achieve the integration with your WordPress sites effectively for the best value.

Make Use of the Instagram Feed Plugin

The Instagram Feed plugin is a typical option that allows you to showcase the feeds in your WordPress site at any location you want. After the proper installation, you should finish the following steps.

Configure the Basic Settings

Firstly, you should enter the access token and the user ID properly. Here, you can do this simply by clicking the blue button. The information will be entered automatically after authorizing the application.

Configure Basic Instagram Settings

Customize the Display of the Feeds

From this part, you can customize the general display, the photo showcase, the header, the Load More button and the Follow button for your feeds.

  • General – You can choose the width and height of the feed, along with the background color.
  • Photos – You can sort the photos based on the uploading time or randomly, decide the number of photos and columns, determine the image resolution, enter the padding around images and disable the photo layout if you want.
  • Header – You can showcase the header and choose the header text color.
  • Buttons – You can choose to display the Load More button and the Follow button, along with choosing the button text, button text color and button background color.

Customize Feeds

Showcase the Feeds

This plugin requires you to use the shortcode to display the Instagram feeds at anywhere you want. The shortcode can be found from the Display Your Feed section. Note that you can display the feed in the pages, posts or the widgets. Even, you can showcase multiple feeds in a single website.

Showcase Feeds

Some Tips for the Display of Your Instagram Feeds

Frankly speaking, the display of your Instagram feeds is really simple. However, to maximize the benefits you can get, you’d better also consider the following tips.

  • Pay attention to the Instagram aesthetic. Here, we highly recommend you to select a bright, dark, moody or colorful aesthetic for the feed. This can add the better attraction for your Instagram feed and the visual effects for your pictures.
  • Use the same or the similar filters. This can achieve the consistent layout of your feeds.
  • Pay attention to the display order of all the images. Never let your feeds get out of the proper order.
  • Never post some irrelevant pictures to degrade the professionalism of your Instagram feeds.


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