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How to Display Expiration Notification in WordPress Posts

How to Display Expiration Notification in WordPress Posts

There are a wide variety of web contents you can put on your website. Some of these posts have the long-term value that can be showcased all the times and updated constantly. However, some posts that talk about the promotions, announcements, events and activities are different. These web contents are time-limited. After those particular date and time, the content is useless. In this case, you’d better inform people about the fact that the posts are already past the expiration date. Here, we’d like to tell you how to display expiration notification in WordPress posts.

Two Special Situations to Showcase the Expiration Notification

In general, there are two situations you’d better display the expiration notification in your blog posts. The first one is for some time-sensitive posts. For instance, if you write and publish the posts for some sales, discounts or promotional campaigns, you can add the expiration notification. After all, these contents cannot benefit your readers when the sales end. Also, the same instances go for the events, giveaway or coupon launches.

The second situation is to give your readers a sense of urgency. While giving the artificial scarcity, readers are more likely to check the content instead of missing out the valuable information. Though, these posts will not expire at all.

Install the Simple Post Expiration Plugin

Here, to add the expiration notification easily on your blog posts, we highly recommend the Simple Post Expiration plugin. With this plugin, you can showcase the word of “Expired” before the post title when the expiration date reaches.

Decide the Expiration Date

After the plugin installation, you should decide the expiration date for your target posts in the very beginning. For this, you can enter the editing screen of the post. Here, from the right side meta box, you can find a new option of Expires. What you should do is to choose the exact year, month and date when you want the content to expire.

Expiration Date

Now, when the exact date hits, this plugin can add the “Expired” word automatically before the post title.

Wrap the Content

It is true that people can know that the content expires from the post title. However, the real web content is unchanged and showcased as usual. In this case, you can use the below shortcode to wrap the expired content that means nothing to your readers. Note that the textual content you want to show can be changed based on your preference.

Wrap the Content


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