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How to Display Category Description in WordPress

How to Display Category Description in WordPress

WordPress allows you to add a short description to each category. By taking advantage of the function, you can deliver useful information to your readers so that they will have a general idea about the type of your posts. At the same time, you are able to improve your WordPress SEO when category description works as a post URL which will send positive signals to search engines.

However, many WordPress users have just ignored the description when classifying their content into different topics. If you are also confused, this article is written to tell you how to display category description on a WordPress site in an easy way.

Display Category Description on the Category Page

Having learned the basic information, do you have the desire to display descriptions on your category page? If your WordPress theme comes with a default description, you just need to head for Dashboard > Posts > Categories page and click on the Edit button under an existing category to which you want to add description.

Edit Page

After being taken into the Edit Category screen, you need to add your text in the description box. Then save the changes by clicking on the Update button. Certainly, you are also allowed to create a new category then continue to take the above steps.

Add Text

However, we come up with a workaround if your WordPress theme is not in support for adding description to category by default due to the absence of the category.php file. It is also possible for you to add description by editing the archive.php file in your WordPress theme. Here we want to remind you to create a backup for your archive.php file before editing it in case of any issues.

In order to access the archive.php file for editing, you can open your FTP client and go to the WordPress theme directory to download the file. After adding the following code to the file, upload it back to the theme directory. Alternatively, you can make the same change in Appearance > Editor > archive.php in the WordPress admin area.

Edit File

Now, save your changes by clicking on the Update File button. In this way, you have successfully created a description box under your category title.

Display Category Description in WordPress Theme

There may be a situation where you want to display category description in WordPress theme instead of on the category archive page. Considering that, we advise you to take different measures to position the category description in different places.

  1. Other parts of the website
  2. Other Parts

  3. Inside a single post (single.php)
  4. Single Post

  5. List category post in a WordPress page: Unlike the former two solutions that require you to add code, we recommend a plugin named List Category Posts more. This plugin can help you achieve the goal in a much easier way.

So far, we have discussed why add category description, how to display description on the category page, and how to display category description in WordPress theme. We will be happy to learn that this article has helped you a lot.


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