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How to Display Amazon Wishlist Button in WordPress

How to Display Amazon Wishlist Button in WordPress

A great number of webmasters work with some social media buttons like Facebook for the optimization of the marketing strategies. However, there is a great possibility that you are one of them who miss the chance to promote your website with the Amazon wishlist Button. You will benefit a lot especially when you run an ecommerce site. The tutorial works as a guide on how to display Amazon wishlist button in WordPress.

There were instances when only Amazon items can be added into the wish list. Over the time, Amazon gives users the freedom to add products from other websites. When your WordPress site is integrated with the wish list, your users can save non-Amazon pages on their Amazon account. The Amazon wish list button serves as a reminder for users and gift-givers to finish the purchases. From this perspective, you are likely to increase sales in the near future.

Reasons to Display Amazon Wish list Button in WordPress

With the display of Amazon wish list button, you give users the convenience to add items from any websites to their Amazon wish list. It is a fact that Amazon has a universal bookmarklet for the functionality. But your readers are likely to be bothered about installing it. Given that, you’d better work with Amazon Wish list button which allows every single visitor to add items.

It should be misunderstood that the Amazon wish list button is only for eCommerce stores. It doesn’t matter whether you use the Amazon wish list button to sell products or not. It can work well even if you just take part in an affiliate program. With the adding of a blog post into the wish list, users will learn where and what to buy.

The Amazon wish list interface will look like the below screenshot, when potential customers put your website into their wish list.

Amazon Wishlist Button in WordPress - Shop This Website

Display Amazon Wishlist Button in WordPress

The good news is that you do not need a plugin and deal with complicated code. On one hand, you will reduce the chance to slow down your website with unnecessary plugins. On the other hand, you will not mess up your website caused by an error in coding.

Step 1: Select a style for the button.

With the goal to embed the Amazon wishlist button, you should visit Vendor Button page at Amazon at first. Vendor Button is a tool Amazon offers for a WordPress website to work with the universal Amazon wish list button. On the result screen, you are free to choose a style for the Amazon wishlist button with the “arrow” button.

Select a Style for Amazon Wishlist Button

You can also add your product information with a click on “Show custom options”. However, we would like to say that you don’t need to spend much time on the pre-loaded information.

Preload Information

Step 2: Get the Amazon wishlist button code.

After the agreement on the terms of service, you are able to use the button with the code. There is a potential problem in the code with the usage of “http”. Your website may have the trouble to load the script because most browsers protect you from unsecured scripts. This is because your WordPress site is under the protection of SSL.

Get Amazon Wishlist Button Code

To get the problem solved, it is necessary for you to replace “http” with “https”. To be honest, it is an easy job for you to improve the security. However, your change has no impact on the functionality. In this way, browsers will regard the script to be secure and allow it to load.

Step 3: Add the code to the desired place.

There are mainly two locations you can choose for the Amazon wishlist button. We will take a close look at how you can get the desired effect.

Firstly, you can paste the code into your post or page through the text editor. When you publish your changes, you will display the universal Amazon wishlist button on that post or page.

Add Code to Post

Secondly, you can add the code into the text widget under the Appearance menu. As a result, the universal Amazon wishlist button will show up on the sidebar area.

Add Code to Widget

Wrap Up

Certainly, you are free to modify how the button appears on your website. A precondition is that you have rich experience in JavaScript and CSS.


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