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How to Disable WordPress Widgets that You Do Not Use

How to Disable WordPress Widgets that You Do Not Use

WordPress uses widgets to achieve different functions to the websites. With the WordPress installation, you can get some default options like Archives, Custom Menu, Search, Text and many more. In addition, most WordPress plugins will bring new widget options for you. All of these widgets can ensure the blocks of elements added to your website sidebar or the current widget ready sections. However, do you need all of these available widgets? Of course not. This time, we’d like to introduce the easy methods of how to disable WordPress widgets without any hassle.

In fact, the main purpose for doing so is to achieve a clean widget screen. All of your current widgets can be found from the Appearance > Widgets section. Too many useless widgets can clutter your widget screen so you may feel hard to find out your truly needed one. Due to this, the removal of the unwanted widgets is really necessary.

Delete the Default WordPress Widgets

By default, WordPress will give you 12 widget options, but most of which can never be used. In this case, you’d better remove some of them to clean up your widget screen.

For this, you just need to use the “unregister_widget” code. For instance, if you want to remove the Recent Posts widget, you can use the following line of code.


You can use this code to remove some or all of these default options. To achieve the purpose, you simply need to enter your functions.php file by clicking the Editor > Theme Functions button from the Appearance screen. The sample is displayed in the following.

Delete the Default WordPress Widgets with Code

If you want your removal widgets to go back, you simply need to clear your added lines of code from this function.php file. And this method is also useful for widgets brought by your themes or plugins.

Use the WP Widget Disable Plugin

The WP Widget Disable plugin is a simple option that allows you to disable or to remove any widget you want. Note that these options can be both the sidebar widgets and the dashboard widgets.

The utilization of this plugin is quite simple. You only need to click the Appearance > Disable Widgets button. Here, you firstly can disable the sidebar widgets by checking boxes of your target options.

Disable Sidebar Widget

Then, if needed, you can move to the Dashboard Widgets section to remove the options showcased on your admin panel.

Disable Dashboard Widget

Now, you just need to click the Save Changes button and the removal is finished.

Use the Widget Options Plugin

This is a comprehensive plugin that allows you to control your widgets in a deep manner. For instance, you can assign the contents on the sidebar widgets, decide the widget visibility, restrict widgets in some special occasions and many more. The removal of your unwanted widgets can be done from the Page Visibility and the Device Restriction sections. You can check how to get full control over WordPress widgets with Widget Options for more information.

Widget Options


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