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Why and How to Disable Default Image Links in WordPress WebSites?

Why and How to Disable Default Image Links in WordPress WebSites?

Bloggers always need to add images into posts because a proper image is worthy than one thousand words. It is super easy to add images in WordPress website, but this disappoints people as WordPress automatically links the image to the media file, which negatively influences the user experience and affect the image SEO traffic. In this tutorial, we show the several methods with detailed steps to automatically disable default image links in WordPress websites.

Why to Disable Default Image Links?

linksWhen adding an image to content, WordPress links the image to itself by default. After the post published, readers can see the image is a link, which can link readers to the image file if it is clicked.

On the image page, readers have two choices: click the “<-" button in the browser to return back to the original post; or simply give up this page and move to another one. In most cases, people choose the latter option and just leave your website because of the bad user experience. Moreover, your image SEO traffic is negatively influenced as search engines redirect visits to the image directly instead of the actual post that image is displayed on. As a result, you may lose some image search traffics.

How To Disable Default Image Links?

As the default image links affect both the user experience and website traffic, you may want to disable them at once. Simply, there are 3 methods, let’s introduce them one by one in details.

  1. Disable Default Image Link With Plugin
  2. Plugins are always powerful to extend the website functionality. Absolutely, you can also utilize a plugin like Remove Image Link to remove default image link when you upload or insert images in your website.

  3. Delete Default Image Links Manually
  4. Actually, it’s simple to delete image links when adding it. When select an image in Media Library, you can see the image attachment display settings as the following. You can just disable the default image link by selecting the Link To option as None.

    delete image links manually

    This way is easy to handle, only note that don’t forget the step in every time you insert images.

  5. Disable Default Image Links With Code
  6. For readers who prefer to disable default image links automatically, they can simply add the below code into function.php file.

    function setup_default_image_link() {
    	$original_setting = get_option( 'image_default_link' );
    	if ($original_setting !== 'none') {
            update_option('image_default_link', 'none');
    add_action('admin_init', 'setup_default_image_link', 50);


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