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How to Delete v=xxxx String in WordPress Permalinks

How to Delete v=xxxx String in WordPress Permalinks

Actually, the v=xxxx string always can be seen at the e-commerce store when you want to purchase something online. It appears at the page URL, right after the truly meaningful permalink. Being made up of some random numbers or letters, this special string is not an error or a bug, but just a parameter of your URL. If your online store is WordPress based and is built using WooCommerce, this string will appear surely. After all, it is the actual feature of the WooCommerce plugin. If you do not like it, you can check the following content to learn how to delete v=xxxx string in WordPress permalinks.

Know Something about the V=XXXX String in WordPress

As we have mentioned above, this special string always appears when you use WooCommerce to set up a WordPress powered online store. You can see the sample in the following.

V=XXXX String in WordPress

Actually, the v=xxxx string is used for WooCommerce to calculate the tax and the shipping fees that are based on the geographical location of your customers. If you sell the virtual items and do not need the calculation of the shipping and tax, you may accidentally meet this string. To disable this special feature, you can check the following steps.

Delete v=xxxx String in WordPress Permalinks

Here, you need to enter the general settings of the WooCommerce plugin by clicking the WooCommerce > Settings button. From the General page, you can scroll down to the General Options section and locate the Default Customer Location tab. By default, the system will choose the Geolocate option by default. But this time, you should choose the No Location By Default option or the Shop Based Address option.

WooCommerce Default Customer Location

Here, we need to mention that if you use a caching plugin for your site, you need to clear the WordPress cache. Thus, when you check your product pages, the string will disappear automatically.


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