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What is a Dedicated Server?

What is a Dedicated Server?

Dedicated server is a server putting into data center. It offers all the resources you need, including monthly data transfer, memory, as well as hard disk space. Now, dedicated server hosting is divided into managed and unmanaged.

Specialties about Dedicated Server

When choosing the managed one, hosting company will help to control the server including patching, server setup, control panel setup, server monitoring, security scanning, antivirus, and many more. On the other side, you need to finish all these by yourself if you choose the self-managed hosting package.

specialtiesAfter purchasing a dedicated plan, you can enjoy a whole server alone and have full control of it. Then, you are allowed to configure the server as you wish and install any software you want. In this way, you can have more freedom to manage your server. Besides, you can also enjoy higher security level for there are no malicious neighbors intruding to your website.

However, as you occupy a whole server, you need to afford it alone. This is why dedicated server plans are much more expensive than shared web hosting and VPS hosting. To be honest, dedicated server is not affordable for many small businesses or personal bloggers. However, dedicated server hosting is the best choice for big websites that have large traffic and content, as well as higher security requirements.


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