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How to Deal with WordPress White Screen Issues?

How to Deal with WordPress White Screen Issues?

Many webmasters have encountered WordPress white screen of death and saw a complete blank site. Actually, WordPress white screen is one of the most disappointing issues, which frustrates users as it doesn’t output the error and locks them out of the admin panel. Recently, we have also received several emails asking for methods to deal with this problem. So we today come out the detailed guide to showing you what reasons cause WordPress white screen issues and how to fix it with easy methods.

Reasons Cause WordPress White Screen

wordpress white screenHaving no prompts and features, WordPress white screen just presents you a blank and white screen when you try to visit your site. It may occur on site widely or just in the admin area.

The white screen error happens due to many different reasons. Here, we list out the common reasons:

  • Exceeding the limit of the memory
  • Installing incompatible plugins
  • Using unsuitable themes
  • Web server issues

A lot of things can create a WordPress white screen, but don’t worry, we share you the detailed guidelines for the 4 possible reasons.

Ways to Fix WordPress White Screen

  1. Deactivate Plugins

    Sometimes, the white screen issues is caused by that you have installed an obsolete or incompatible plugin, or you try to edit a plugin file but screw up. In these cases, you cannot log into the WordPress Dashboard to deactivate the problematic plugin.

    pluginsSo we suggest you utilize FTP to solve this problem. Navigate to the /wp-content/ folder and you can see a folder called plugins. You can change the plugins folder to another name, such as plugins_disable. By this way, all your plugins are deactivated and you are able to access to the admin panel to disable plugins. Then, you can undo the name change and enable the plugins one by one and identify which one causes the problem. Once found it, you can delete and deactivate it.

  2. Utilize Default Theme

    Sometimes, you are able to view white screen issues when activating an error prone theme. It’s obviously the reason is the unsuitable theme. So what we should do to fix the problem is deactivating or deleting the problematic theme.

    As you are still unable to log into WordPress admin panel, you need to use FTP or hosting file manager access to the theme folder in the wp-content directory. You can simply rename the theme folder, by which WordPress cannot find the original theme file and is forced to load the Twenty Ten theme that is default automatically. Once the white screen issue disappeared, you can back to the WordPress admin panel and fix the issue in the theme settings.

    On the other hand, you can back up the theme folder and then delete it directly. By this way, WordPress also falls back to default theme.

    wordpress default theme

  3. Increase Memory Limit

    If there is nothing wrong in themes and plugins, you may consider that your memory is being exhausted. In order to increase memory limit, you have many optional methods, but we share the easiest in the below.

    Using FTP or cPanel file manager, find the wp-config.php file in the directory, and then right click it and select EDIT. Once opened the file, add the below code into the main php tag. You can adjust the memory to 64M, 96M or 128M according to your requirement.

    adjust memory code

  4. Other Solutions

    If you have tries all the possible ways but still cannot fix the white screen problem, you may need a little help with WordPress to debug the situation. You can add the following codes in the wp-config.php file.

    fix the white screen problem code

    Once inserted, you can refresh your site and it may come out a message to tell you something is wrong. For example, if it says something cannot be found, that usually means your site misses a file. By this way, you can find sources of white screen and then solve the problem with proper action.


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