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How to Deal with Some People Copy Your Content?

How to Deal with Some People Copy Your Content?

With the development of the internet, there are a large number of websites and blogs grow rapidly. Because of the competition between bloggers becomes fiercer, they may have a lot of headaches in order to become famous. In fact, one big problem that bothers some bloggers or the owners of website are content stealers who may resort to stealing content in order to fill space on their sites. The number of that kind of people who are also called website hijacker now is on the rise. They blatantly use part of or all of your site’s content on another site without your permission, which is a copyright violation and needs to be dealt with accordingly. In this situation, our editors collect some information that can help you to prepare, identify, deal with and respond to this type of copyright infringement.

Preparation: register your copyrights; take this issue in a legal way

copyrightAs we all know, a good protection is to prevent firstly. If you want to avoid the steal things happened, you need to file your copyright with U.S. Copyright Office which is an office providing expert and impartial leadership or advising on copyright law and policy to Congress, federal agencies, the courts, and the general public.

After registration, your website or blog’s content will be legally belong to you thus whoever ripe off is illegal. Then, you need to establish business relationship with a lawyer who can represent you to deal with such kind of copyright infringement in case.Besides, if there is any content stealing thing happens, make sure that you can defeat them by law!

Here, we’d like to give you some tips concerning about how to fight with content plagiarism.

Identification: confront content stealer

fightIf you have been discovered that your content was copied by others without your permission, then the first thing you need to do is to identify whether it is copyright infringement or not. After all, the distinction between what is fair use and what is an infringement in a particular case is not very clear and easy to defined, so you must pay more attention on it.

For example, if there is a text fully copied from yours and published on the website without your permission, it will be completely infringement, and you can use copyright law to contact them and claim your rights. If you find a website only uses little of your content and have a link back to the source, it’s better for you to reconsider or consult with your lawyer whether you should contact them or not.

Track down stolen content is not easy to do, thus you need to use some tools to help you, such as Google Alerts, Topsy, and HubSpot Social Inbox, or you can search for your content manually to find out the stealing text. This way will be the most useful one, although it costs a lot of time.

Handle: contact the theft and take actions

take actionAfter identifying the infringement of your content, the next thing is to contact with the theft. You can find their email addresses from the email links or author page. It is very important to keep calm and careful while contact with stealers because some of them steal outright and don’t care (that kind of people is sensitive and might do something hurt), and some of them don’t even know they are stealing your content. It’s nice for you to give them a chance to explain and to remove the content before things going too bad.

Then, you need to gather information about their stolen act, create a paper trail of evidence, and have polite conversations or send emails to request them remove or modify the contents as soon as possible.

Besides, if those above steps do not help you, you can manually submit a request to remove the content from search engines or contact the hosting provider according to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Response: be confident and relaxed

While your content is been copied and published on the website without your permission, the situation is up to you. So, there is no need to worry about. The best actions for you are: firstly, find out the original copy resource; secondly, send an email to contact with the stealer about their illegal act and ask them to remove this content; last but not least, take actions legally and rationally.


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