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Simple Tips to Customize WordPress Post Order

Simple Tips to Customize WordPress Post Order

Although there are thousands of solutions to optimize WordPress website such as boosting SEO and using Instagram, customizing post order is always the most efficient and convenient way to promote WordPress websites. Post order matters a lot for it decides which articles can be noticed at the first place. Accordingly, those presented posts are the first impression that your website leaves on visitors.

Acquiescently, WordPress arranges all the posts in accordance with time order. Therefore, not all the listed contents are the most excellent results of your website. Then, you need to change post orders to present all best works. In the following, we are about to give you some simple tips to customize WordPress post order.

Change Post Order by Changing Date

change dateFollowing the rules of WordPress, you can change the post order of course. As WordPress lists posts based on publish date, you can change the date to ascend the place of quality post. However, for big websites with regular updates, this method is tedious and bothering because you need to do the same work again and again once you publish a new post.

On the other side, if you run a personal website with little content changing, then, change post order manually is not bad. This solution is easy to handle without any knowledge requirements; even kids can achieve it in a few minutes.

Customize Post Order with Codes

If you consider changing date is troublesome, try to use codes to arrange posts according to your wish. Consider most site managers don’t have rich experience in coding stuffs; we give readers an example in below. Note that you need to put the following code to your theme file function.php and save it.

customize post order codes

The codes can show the appointed number of articles in ascending order, in accordance with post title. Of course, if you do know things about codes, you can change them to what you want.

Using Plugins to Customize Post Order

If you know nothing about codes but want a customized post order, then, post order plugins are your best choice. WordPress provides all categories of plugins, such as contest plugins, portfolio plugins, as well as post order plugins that help users manage their post order. We are going to introduce two useful and easy to handle post order plugins in the following.

Custom Category/Post Type Post Order

This plugin comes with a drag & drop interface to help users rearrange posts in custom order. You can order posts by selected category and selected post type, and the same past can have a different position with different sorting methods. Besides, the plugin enables users delete posts form order list but keep them in WordPress posts table.

Custom Category/Post Type Post Order

Post Types Order

Post Types Order is extremely useful in related to customize posts order. It also utilizes drag and drop interface to allow users to rearrange their custom post types, including default posts. What’s more, the plugin is easy-to-handle without any professional knowledge required.

Post Types Order


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