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How to Create Customer Persona in WordPress to Better Target Your Audiences

How to Create Customer Persona in WordPress to Better Target Your Audiences

The creation of the customer persona now is widely adopted by some quality websites. To put it simply, the persona is the survey-based conclusion of your real audiences. It contains all the true information of people who you want to reach, such as what they want from you and what they hate to see from your site. With the crucial information collected, you can improve your website better so as to ensure the greater experience for your visitors. This time, we have introduced some simple tips of how to create customer persona in WordPress to better target your audiences.

Frankly speaking, many webmasters have made a huge mistake – run their websites by assuming the preference and needs of their audiences. But actually, to make your site successful, you’d better run it based on the real data of what your readers want the most. In this case, the generation of the customer persona is really important. As tested by HotSpot, if your website works out according to the persona data, the effectiveness can increase up to 5 times.

Start the Question-Based Survey

The customer persona creation can begin with the question-based survey. With the question asked, you can obtain the most precise information from your target audiences. Here, for the comprehensive analysis, the questions can vary widely. In the following, we have listed some frequently asked ones to give you some inspirations.

  • What kind of websites do you land on the most?
  • Why you love to check your preferred sites?
  • What is the largest frustration when you visit a site?
  • Will you be influenced by the website overall design and the navigation bar?

If you want to learn the detailed information about your audiences, you can also ask for their age, current physical location, salary, job, education background and many more.

In fact, there are a lot of suggested questions you can find online to form the customer persona. You can take some of them as the recommendations. Here, you should make sure that all of these questions are highly relevant to your website.

Create the Survey using the WordPress Survey Plugin

Frankly speaking, the creation of WordPress survey form is not a difficult thing. This time, we highly recommend you to install the WordPress Survey plugin. With it, you can survey anyone at anytime. Thus, you can easily learn about your audiences using the built-in dashboard and the automatic email alerts.

After the installation of it, you should hit the button of POWr Survey from your admin panel. Now, you can check the survey creation dashboard just like the following sample.

POWr Survey

Here, you can give the survey a title and enter your email address to send you the notification email. After that, you can click the Add Element button to insert the questions for your survey.

Add Element

Here, you can choose among 19 element options to form the survey. We highly recommend you to use the “Multiple Checkboxes” option, the “Multiple Choices” option, the “Checkbox” option and the “Dropdown” option to give people some choices to select. Or, you can add the “Paragraph” option that allows people to leave some words for you.

After adding the exact elements you need, you can click the Next button to decide the appearance of the survey form.

Survey Layout

Note that you can get a preview of your survey form from the right hand. Once you feel satisfied of it, you can click the Save button.

Next, you should enter the editing screen of the page that you want to display the form. Here, you need to transfer to use the Visual editor and click the POWr Plugin button. And then, you can hit the Forms & Surveys > Survey option to insert the shortcode of your newly created survey form.

Now, you can get the needed information by inviting people to finish your survey.

Start the Interview for Your Audiences

If you want to know the opinions and the viewing motivations of your audiences in a precise way, you can choose to interview them. This way, you can gather and inject the qualitative information into the customer persona.

In the most cases, you may start the interview by sending your current readers the emails that contain a long list of questions. Some of you may even choose to call these people for the much more personal contact.

This time, we highly recommend you to make use of the webinar activities. When starting the webinar, you can start the real-life conversation with both the loyal audiences and your prospects. Also, by making use of this kind of communication, your interview can start in the most effective manner.

Interview in Webinar

Inject the Gathered Information into Your Customer Persona

Now, you have already gathered all the information needed to put into your persona. In this case, you should summarize, categorize and analyze the data. Here, we have presented a sample in the following.

Customer Persona

Just like this example, we highly recommend you to give your persona a profile image. This way, you can associate your website changes with different persona profiles easily.

Lastly, you can put your generated persona into utilization to make the proper changes and modifications for your WordPress site. By fully understanding your audiences, you can optimize your site in the right direction.


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