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How to Cultivate Regular Audience Visits for WordPress Sites

How to Cultivate Regular Audience Visits for WordPress Sites

When increasing the popularity of a website, most webmasters focus on attracting the new audiences. In this case, they will focus on the content, carry out the search engine optimization, promote on the social media platforms and many more. However, the truth is that the truly successful website should have a large number of loyal and reliable audiences who go back to the website constantly and regularly. Only getting the new readers is far from enough. In this case, we have listed some commonly used methods of how to cultivate regular audience visits for WordPress sites in the following.

Here, we need to mention that you should adopt different options depending on the kinds of your websites. The proper selection can lead to the best results.

Add the Membership System

The most effective way to cultivate your audiences of the regular visiting is to add the membership system. Especially, if you run an online community for people to engage with each other and come together online, this method is effective.

One big highlight of the membership system is that people need to join your website to see contents. This can encourage the returning visitors effectively. Especially, if you charge people for getting the membership for the exclusive or the advanced content, your readers are more likely to return. In the meanwhile, you can also make some profits easily.

Membership System

The creation of the membership system on your WordPress site is pretty simple. You only need to install and activate the Simple Membership WordPress plugin. We have introduced the utilization steps in the following in a brief and simple way.

Step 1 – Create the Membership Level

Different membership levels allow different people to check and not to check some of your web contents. For this, you can hit the Membership Levels button from the WP Membership tab.

Membership Level

Here, you can decide the level name, the default role to get this level and the access duration.

Step 2 – Restrict the Access based on the Membership Level

Next, you can apply the membership levels for different posts and pages. After entering the editing screen, you can check the newly added membership box. Here, you should choose the membership levels that have the permission to check the content.

Pay Attention to Your Mailing List

In fact, when talking about bringing your readers back to your website, most of you will choose to send the newsletters. It is true. After getting people’s email addresses and sending out the newsletters, you can effectively remind people of the existence of your website and encourage them to check your newly updated web contents.

There are a lot of email marketing tools available, among which MailChimp is great. This tool will store the email addresses of your first-time readers and send out the newsletters automatically once you need.

MailChimp with WordPress

Here, we have listed some suggestions when making use of this method.

  • The newsletter content should be attractive, giving people enough incentive to check your website again.
  • Do not send out the emails too often. Generally, if you have some important updates or some activities, you can start the email marketing. The weekly newsletter is better than the daily one.
  • When collecting people’s email addresses, you’d better keep the email registration form as simple as possible. Also, you should consider the proper location. The sidebar is a great display location.
  • In addition to the email registration form, you can also encourage people to offer their email addresses on some other occasions such as the landing page.

Get Social with the Website Community

Another effective way to cultivate the regular audiences is to open up a social platform within your site. From it, your audiences can generate their exclusive profiles, communicate with each other, send the private messages and update the activity streams.

If your website community is interesting and content-rich enough, people are much more likely to go back to your website regularly.

There are two famous WordPress plugins that can achieve this inner community for you easily. One is bbPress and another is BuddyPress. Personally, we recommend you to use the latter one for the following reasons.

  • You can only set up an online forum section using bbPress. With BuddyPress, however, you can establish a small social platform on your site.
  • The self-developing system of BuddyPress helps you gather people into a single group automatically based on their organizations.
  • There are more than 500 add-on tools available from BuddyPress.

BuddyPress Platform

Release the Regular Promotions

People love promotion. In this case, if your want your readers to go back, why not run the regular promotion to give them the strong incentive? Especially, if you are running an online store, the promotional campaign can win a lot of loyal visitors for you.

Here, you can release some discounts, offer the free giveaway or provide the free-trial for your services and the premium contents.

Even, you can hold a game for these free gifts. People need to win your game to get your offerings. This can highly encourage them to visit your website regularly.

Start the Webinars

Generally, you will use the webinars to attract new audiences or to enrich your web content. But actually, the webinar is also a great way to cultivate the returning visits of your current audiences. Especially, if you schedule your webinars effectively and pre-announce the starting date and time, you can get the great results.


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