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Top 8 Creative Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Top 8 Creative Ways to Increase Website Traffic

After surveying online, we have found that many webmasters have the habit of checking the statistics of their website traffic at least once a week. After all, no matter the website is a personal one or a commercial one, more traffic means more online exposure and the revenue. In this case, many of you might be obsessed with checking the traffic report to figure out whether your site has the consistent flow of page views and daily visitors.

Now, the question is what you should do if the final statistics of your online traffic are not satisfactory? In the following, we have listed the top 8 creative ways to increase website traffic with much ease.

Tip 1 – Do All the Basic Things Well for the Increase of Website Traffic

Before moving to some creative methods, you firstly need to ensure that you have done all the basic things well that have the crucial impact on the enhancement of your online traffic. Here, we have listed the key points in the following.

  • You have to ensure that all your published posts are of the high quality, which are competitive and have the proper keywords, hot topics and error-free writing.
  • You can update your whole site with the fresh and meaningful contents on a regular basis. Generally, you can keep the frequency of three posts a week.
  • You need to optimize your website for the better SEO with the help of SEO plugins. After all, the online ranking has a direct impact on your organic traffic.
  • You also should promote your website on all the major social media platforms and adopt the email marketing strategies to increase the content exposure.

Website Traffic

Tip 2 – Tweak Your Site for Some Minor Aspects

Surely, most of you may already modify your website in a perfect way. But now, we’d like to share some minor tweaks that might be ignored by you but can benefit your website traffic.

Add the Category Description

It is possible that you may have already categorized your blog contents into multiple groups using the category function of some scripts, such as WordPress. However, when creating a new category, most of you only give it a name and are not willing to spare times to fill out the description field.

Here, we highly recommend you to add some keyword-rich and search engine preferred descriptions for all your categories. After all, instead of focusing on the promotion of the individual posts, this practice can achieve the SEO improvement for the whole category, and thus, can bring more organic traffic for all the posts within this category.

Check how this tweak can benefit your site traffic.

Tweak Category

Publish the Start Here Webpage

This special page is especially useful if your website has the rich content. With it, you can showcase the links to all your crucial posts and pages. Frankly speaking, this can give your visitors, especially the new visitors, a clear overview of what your site is about, and can generate more visits by increasing the conversion rate.

Tip 3 – Promote Your Old Contents

Many webmasters choose to constantly publish the new words to get more traffic. But actually, you do not need to do so. Instead, you can optimize your old contents and repurpose them for driving more traffic.

To do this, you can consider the following practices.

  • Share your old posts on the social media platforms.
  • Publish these posts one more time after updating the contents based on the latest trends.
  • Use the internal link strategy to promote the old posts.
  • Showcase the related posts at the bottom of the webpage.
  • Display the old posts on the sidebar.

Promote Your Old Contents

Tip 4 – Leverage the Social Platform in the Comprehensive Manner

Without doubt, the social media platforms, especially the hot options, all play a crucial role in driving more traffic to your website. However, most of you only schedule the update for some quality contents to promote your site, but the fact is that you can get the better result if you reach out online users on a person-to-person basis. We have listed some special tips here.

  • Optimize the profiles for all your social media accounts carefully with the detailed information that is highly related to your website.
  • If you use Facebook promotion, you’d better make use of the feature of Facebook Groups.
  • If you have the LinkedIn account, you can take advantage of the LinkedIn Answers, LinkedIn Groups and LinkedIn Pulse.
  • If you are the Twitter fan, do not forget to the drive more website traffic using the Twitter Cards.

Tip 5 – Consider the Publish of Guest Blogging

Actually, the guesting blogging can be viewed as a special practice to “steal” the traffic from some quality and popular websites to your own site. After all, when submitting the guest blogging posts, you can enter the backlink that will redirect people to your own webpage or the site homepage so as to get more daily views. However, this method can take effects only when you ensure the following points.

  • You publish the guest posts on the successful websites only that have a massive amount of daily visitors. Also, the website is fully related to your content niche.
  • Your published contents are of the great quality and are worth reading.
  • You have added one or two links leading back to your site.

Guest Blogging

Tip 6 – Hold Some Website Activities

In most cases, your readers can receive what you offer in a passive manner. But this time, we think you can hold some website activities so as to encourage people to check your site on their own initiative. Generally, this can result in more page views and visits for your web contents.

For instance, you can run the contest, start the giveaway activity or host the webinars. Note that the activities you hold should be attractive, so we think you can prepare some small gifts for all the participants.

Tip 7 – Be Active on Quora

Actually, there are a lot of worldwide forums you can leverage to drive more website traffic. But personally, we think Quora is the best place that allows you to submit the questions and provide the answers to any kind of topics. The best part is that unless your answer is a spam one, the links you inserted into your offerings will not be removed.

In this case, you can search for the questions that are related to your website contents, and then, answer these questions with the detailed and meaningful information. Surely, you should remember to add your page links into the answers as the further resources or the evidence.

As Quora is a popular Q&A platform, this practice can result in more CTR on your displayed links so as to bring you more traffic.

Be Active on Quora

Tip 8 – Come Out an eBook

In most cases, you may feel that writing and coming out an ebook can do no good to your website traffic. Actually, the truth is just on the contrary. Recently, we have found many successful bloggers choose to release the high-quality eBook on Amazon or the Kindle Publishing platform. Inside these books, they all add the links to their websites or some highly related posts for the further reading. This has already proved to be a creative way to drive more traffic to the website.


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