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How to Create WordPress Video Gallery

How to Create WordPress Video Gallery

Now, for WordPress users, creating and showcasing a sleek and effective video gallery can be effortless and hassle-free, due to the existence of dozens of useful video plugins. By doing so, you can add the vivid and animated contents to better inspire your readers, making sure that they will not be bored by the plain textual blog posts.

If you are looking to create WordPress video gallery to show some contents got from the reliable video resource platforms, you can check the below tutorial for the detailed steps. Here, we need to mention that self-hosting all your videos can chew up a large sum of server storage and bandwidth, and can cause some problems for you if your web host does not ensure the sufficient resources or if your site gets a sudden traffic spike. In this case, unless you run your WordPress site using the VPS hosting or even the dedicated hosting, you’d better avoid showing videos uploaded to your site, but consider displaying some third-party resources just like we have introduced in the following.

Create WordPress Video Gallery

We have searched, tried and reviewed a lot of related WordPress plugins, and finally decide to recommend the utilization of the Video Gallery plugin, with which you can show your video gallery in the most splendid manner.

Now, you firstly should install this gallery plugin and click the Video Gallery menu item in the admin panel of WordPress. From the drop-down list of this new item, you need to hit the Video Gallery button and the Add New button in the following step.

Create New Gallery

Next, you can decide the name of this gallery in the right-hand meta box. In addition, as this plugin allows multiple pre-defined styles to show your gallery, you need to choose your preferred one. We’d like to show each style in the following.

Style 1 – Content Popup

This style will list all your videos in a grid based manner. If people hit one of them, the video will be opened with a popup effect, showing the video and the video descriptions in the same lightbox.

Content Popup

If you choose this one, you can display all the videos at one time or paginate them using the Pagination button or the Load More function. The number of videos to be showed can be decided by you.

Content Popup Settings

Style 2 – Video Slider

If you choose the video slider style, you can add some animations to your video gallery. When people land on your gallery, they can only see one video. If they are looking for the alternatives, they simply need to click the left or right slider on the both sides of this video.

Video Slider

To choose this style, you need to decide the width and height of the video box and decide whether to enable the feature of pausing on hover.

In addition, you can determine the pause time, change speed, slider location and the sliding effect among the options of Fade, Cube Horizontal and Cube Vertical.

Video Slider Settings

Style 3 – Lightbox Gallery

This option is much similar to the first style, displaying all your videos in the grid, achieving the popup and lightbox features, as well as requiring you to decide how many videos to be shown at one time.

However, the difference is that the popup lightbox does not include the textual introduction, but only the video to be displayed.

Lightbox Gallery

Style 4 – Content Video Slider

This style works the same way as the second option, coming with the sliding effect to show all your videos. However, this one only slides your videos from left to right or from right to left. No other animations are available.

Content Video Slider

Style 5 – Thumbnails View

This style mainly highlights the thumbnails of your displayed videos, and is a good option for those who are looking for the simple and clean showcase.

Thumbnails View

Style 6 – Blog Style

If you choose this one, you can display only one video for each time using the blog style. This way, the video can be shown in the full width, along with the long paragraphs for more detailed information.

Blog Style Gallery

After choosing your wanted style, you actually can also further customize the final display for your video gallery, such as the font size, lightbox style, slideshow interval, popup dimensions and many more by clicking the General Options button or the Lightbox Options button. However, we have to mention that the customization freedom is only valid for the premium version but not for the free version.

Start Adding the Video

After creating the gallery and deciding the display style, now, you can add your target videos by clicking the Add Video button. In the next popup, you can enter the video title, description and the correct URL, and then, hit the Insert Video button.

Start Adding the Video

Remove and Manage the Video

If you do not want to show the specific video at all, you can click the Remove Video button to drag it out of your gallery. In addition, you can change its title, thumbnail and description even if you have already added it into this gallery.

Remove and Manage the Video

Display the Video Gallery

Now, as you have created your video gallery with your preferred information, you can display it in two ways.

Firstly, you can copy and paste the gallery shortcode into your WordPress post or page, or, put the PHP code into your theme file. The coding stuff can be found under the Video Gallery Custom Options meta box.

Video Gallery Usage

In addition, you can open your post or page directly and click the Add Video Gallery button. In the popup, you can choose your wanted gallery and decide the display options. After that, you simply need to click the Insert Video Gallery button and publish the content. This way, your video gallery can be shown properly.

Insert Video Gallery Button


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