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How to Create a WordPress Travel Blog

How to Create a WordPress Travel Blog

If you are a touring enthusiast who travels from one place to another, we highly recommend you to start your unique travelling blog for sharing your great journeys to the public. This can, on the one hand, memorize the unforgettable timing and some spectacular scenes. And on the other hand, a travel blog is effective for you to set up the booming business for tourists.

In the following, we’d like to share a detailed guide about how to create a WordPress travel blog, with which you can show your adventure tips, display the hotel booking information, recommend some reliable travel agencies and share your travel experiences with much ease. Here, we need to mention that there is no all-in-one solution to create a professional and comprehensive travel blog. This means you may need to install multiple separate plugins to achieve different purposes.

Step 1 – Finish Some Basic Preparations

For the successful creation of a WordPress travel blog, you should finish a lot of basic preparations. Among these tasks, the selection of a reliable WordPress hosting provider is your first task. You can choose from the market on your own surely. But here, we sincerely recommend you to have a try on one of the below options. Each of them is carefully selected based on our reviews, comparisons, personal tries and customer feedbacks.

In addition to the web host, you also need to decide the blog domain and blog name. Personally, these two options should be the same. Also, you’d better try your best to make them as memorable and short as possible, without the unnecessary hyphens and numbers. If you feel this step is different, you can try brainstorming by writing down the keywords that can describe your blog the most based on the aspects of travelling types, travelling aims, touring places, seasons and many more.

As everything is decided properly, now, you can install WordPress using the 1-click installer or via any other methods. After the DNS has been set up properly by your web host, you can start running your WordPress site and turning it into a travel blog by following the below steps.

Step 2 – Install and Activate the Perfect Travel Template

The default appearance of a newly created WordPress site is simple and plain. In this case, you need to choose a well-designed WordPress travel theme to decorate your travel blog. Always remember that the bright, colorful and elegant design can be effective to retain your readers on your site for a long time.

Step 3 – Tell Your Story

People are more likely to trust your travelling suggestions, tips and recommendations if you can prove that you are the blog owner who really has experienced these excellent journeys. In this case, you firstly need to create an “About Me” page to tell your touring stories.

Here, we do not only mean a large phone about you and some plain words about who you are, where you are and what you have done. These are not enough. Instead, we highly recommend you to think about adding a timeline into this page, which is a visual storytelling option to introduce where you have travelled and what happened here.

Travel Timeline

Step 4 – Showcase Your Journeys using Multiple Albums

One of the core aspects of a travel blog is the elegant images for different sight spots. In this case, we highly recommend you to try the Gallery Bank plugin that helps you create as many image albums as you want using different designs and layouts, such as grid, list and the masonry option.

After installing it, there is no need for you to set up the color, size, opacity, border, margin and many more for the photos, thumbnails, lightbox and album cover, for these settings are configured properly by this plugin based on your webpage design.

Now, you simply need to navigate to the plugin dashboard and click the Add New Album.

Add New Album

Here, you should give it a title and we suggest you using the location of your journey as the album title. If you want, you can also enter some descriptive words for this album.

Next, you can click the Add Files button to upload the images. Even, you can upload the videos if you have.

Add Files Button

Note that this plugin allows you to enter the title and description of each image. This is a great option for you to better explain and introduce your journey. In addition, do not forget to set one of these images as the album cover.

Album Cover

Even, you are allowed to decide the number of images in each role and their display order.

Image Display Order

You can repeat these steps to add multiple albums, each of which shows the images for a particular journey.

Now, you can add it to your site. To do this, you can leverage its Gallery Bank button on the page editing screen. Then, you can choose which album to be inserted in what format.

Add Gallery Using Gallery Bank Button

Check the sample in the following. Note that this plugin integrates with Facebook, Twitter and Google+ so that you can easily promote your travel blog via different social platforms.

Gallery Demo

Step 5 – Showcase the Travel Search Box

The travel search box can bring much convenience for your readers, especially for those who are looking to start the journey right after reading your stories. In this case, we recommend you to install the Travel Search plugin that allows you to showcase the search box for readers to search and compare the most cost-effective flights, cars, cruises, travelling packages and hotels.

To use it, you only need to click the Travel Search button from the WordPress admin after installing this plugin. Then, you need to decide the format of the date, the default departure and return date and the color schemes used for this search box. Here, you’d better sign up with Travelgrove affiliate program and offer your affiliate ID. This way, this plugin can track your commissions when people purchase the flights, hotels and many others from your site.

Travel Search Settings

After that, you can click the Get Shortcode button. The generated PHP shortcode can be pasted into your theme file or a particular blog post directly for box display. Also, you can use the Travel Search widget to showcase this special box on the website sidebar.

Travel Search Box

Step 6 – Integrate Your Blog with a Map

This practice is pretty useful if you have recommended some hotels, restaurants, cafe, shopping centers and many more during your touring. By integrating with a Google map, your readers can find the right places easily after adopting your suggestions.

This part, we highly recommend the Stellar Places plugin. This is an intuitive option that does not require you to configure it. After installing this plugin, you can navigate to the Places tab and click the Add New button.

In the next screen, you can edit the place by entering the location name and the general introduction. In the bottom section, there is a custom field, from which you can point out the exact location via two ways.

One is to enter the name of the location. If the auto-search function cannot find out the exact place, you can choose another method by entering the detailed information of city, state and street address.

Location Custom Field

Now, you can publish this map by clicking the publish button, and then, use the [stellar_places_map post_id=”xx”] shortcode to insert it into your webpage or a blog post.


Susan Rose is a freelance writer who has a deep knowledge about WordPress. She loves everything related to website building since the freshman year at Christopher Newport University, and loves to share her experience with people all over all the world. In the daily life, Susan loves detective novels as it can train her logical thinking and creativity.