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How to Create a WordPress Survey Form?

How to Create a WordPress Survey Form?

wordpress surveyCreating WordPress survey is a simple yet effective method to collect opinions about what visitors want to see on your blog. By creating polls for different surveys via asking different questions, it’s easy to get certain ideas about what readers might like so that you can focus on these aspects and improve the user likeability of your blog.

This tutorial introduces detailed steps to create a WordPress survey. With the clear guide and carefully introduction, even a WordPress newbie can build a survey in few minutes.

Create WordPress Survey Using YOP Poll

This plugin gives you the ability to easily integrate a survey in the WordPress post/page and to handle the polls form within the WordPress admin panel. You are able to build polls with single or multiple answers and determine how to sort the poll information, how to manage the results, what details to show and what to keep personal, and so on. It even can run multiple surveys in the same time on your blog.

YOP Poll

Without any question, you should install the plugin and activate it at first. Log into your WordPress admin panel, go to Plugins -> Add New, and search “YOP Poll” to look for it. Or you can get a ZIP installation through the above link, and then upload it here. Then, install and active the plugin.

install YOP poll plugin

Once you successfully installed this plugin, there is a Yop Poll option appeared on your menu bar. Click it and select Add New, you can start to create your unique poll at once.

First of all, you are required to make sure the poll name and question. Just enter what you want to survey in the field.

add new poll

Then, you can set answers for the question. You are able to create multiple answers by click the Add New Answer button, and you are also allowed to set the default selected answer for each question by clicking More Options and selecting Yes.

add answer

Besides, you are able to set some advanced options for the answers. In details, you are able to configure the following settings.

  • Whether allows other answers
  • Whether allows multiple answers
  • Whether display answers
  • Whether display results
  • Whether use template result bar
  • Sort answers for exact order, alphabetical order, random order, number of order, by ascending or descending.

advanced answer options

After finishing the answers and questions, you can set the start date and end date of the poll. Even you can set your poll without an end date.

edit start/end date

After set off the poll, you can configure the result options for analyse results. At last, click the blue Save Polls button to save your configuration.

Now, you have completed the survey entirely. And you can see your poll through the Poll Archieve URL. If you want to add the poll into a sider bar. Go to Appearance -> widget, and you can find there is a Yop polls widget available, just drag and drop it into the Main sidebar, and set its displayment.

poll widget

How to Get More Survey Responses

A survey is used to collect feedbacks from readers and customers. To make a survey, there are some helpful tips available for you. With the utilization of these tips, surveys are able to get more responses.

  • Remove unnecessary questions and keep survey in brief.
  • Show the time consumption which survey needs to be completed.
  • Give the reasons for survey and explain the usage to users.
  • Add a progress bar to survey.
  • Enrich the types for showing questions: checkbox, multiple choices, and more.
  • Try not to set open-ended questions which users need more time and energy to answer.
  • Match questions with screen space.
  • Link survey to social networks, such as, Twitter, Facebook, email newsletter, and so on.

Other WordPress Survey Plugins

In addition to the above mentioned plugins, there are also some other options that you can choose from. Check the following best WordPress survey plugins and choose the one you like for utilization.

WordPress Simple Survey

WordPress Simple Survey

Use this plugin to easily create surveys, quizzes, polls, questionnaires and track the results. The plugin creates excellent experience for users without loading and reloading of the page. Besides, it is beautifully function on any size of screen with a browser-test. After a series of analyzing and questioning through the tool, you can send users to any custom URL based on the survey result.

WordPress Simple Survey

Pinnion Plugin

Pinnion Plugin

Pinnion is a rich-featured poll plugin that can be used for presenting surveys, quizzes, polls and feedback on blog and websites. The highlight of this plugin lies in that it can be embedded on non-WordPress websites including social media platforms and mobile devices. The results from all these places are going to be displayed on your WordPress dashboard. You can also choose to present the results to your visitors or keep them secretly.

Pinnion Plugin

Colored Vote Polls


As the name suggests, this plugin is famous for its design of survey colors. You can display the results in colors from green to red, white to black, or any color you prefer. This practice can make the survey results interesting and appealing for visitors. Besides, you choose to make answers or not. If there is something must talk about Colored Vote Polls, it should be its short codes. These codes allow you to add a survey to anywhere in a post or pages and you just need to copy and paste the code you want.

Colored Vote Polls

Advanced Polls for WordPress


This is a WordPress plugin allowing you to create polls and display results with many graphical figures in well designed popup windows. Once purchased the tool, you can enjoy responsive and clean design, built Twitter bootstrap, unlimited polls and answers, multiple polls existing on the same page, and flexible configuration.

Advanced Polls for WordPress

WP Quick Polls


This isn’t a traditional survey plugin that intend to gather and present voting results to visitors. Of course, it can do this, but it is capable of many more things. WP Quick Polls allows marketers to make poll style landing pages in no time. To make it possible and ensure its simplicity, the plugin is equipped with a control panel which enable you build great polls in just minutes, without any professional skills.

WP Quick Polls

WP Feedback & Survey Manager


This is a useful plugin that gathers feedbacks and runs surveys on WordPress powered websites. It is quite flexible, allowing you to set how the survey questions to show and how many feedbacks to ask for. Besides, it gives users a survey report to analyze the submissions.

WP Feedback & Survey Manager

Ranker List Widget


This is a free widget designed to create fully customize ranking poll on the WordPress websites. You can simply put a list about some topic on the website and see the readers’ feedback by voting items up and down.

Ranker List Widget

WordPress Poll


WordPress Poll is a poll plunging powered by AJAX, which supports single and multiple answer settings. You can set more than one polls on the widget area and attract more people to cast their votes. According to the poll statistics, you are able to know more about your visitors. To make the poll vivid, the image polls are available to users.

wordpress poll

SodaHead Polls


SodaHead Polls is a user-friendly poll plugin that enables you to add polls easily and quickly on your blog. The poll results can be sorted according to the voters’ geographic locations, from which you can know the geographic differences take an effect on the website traffic.

sodahead polls

Skysa Polls App

Skysa Polls App

Skysa Polls App allows multiple polls to run at the same time. You are able to set dynamic polls on the website and let the poll popup automatically in and AJAX window. Besides, it features voting poll history, which makes it possible for people to view the previous polls.

skysa polls app

Polls by Polar

Polls by Polar

The Polls by Polar is an awesome plugin designed for the webmasters who wish to have beautiful and eye-catching polls on their sites. You can beautify the polls with any images on your computer. This plugin is appropriate for the mobile, desktop, and some other devices so that you don’t need to install an additional mobile plugin.

polar polls

Plumba Poll

Plumba Poll

Plumba Poll is an online poll plugin for WordPress, suitable for any pages and posts. You can set any questions as you want on the website with single or multiple answers. When visitors cast their votes, you can collect the results at the first time.

plumba poll

Pollphin for WordPress


Pollphin for WordPressght of each page or post, making the websites clean and orderly. In addition, you are able to choose the style according to your needs.

wp pollphin

Polldaddy Polls & Ratings

Polldaddy Polls & Ratings

Polldaddy Polls and Ratings plugin enables users to create the polls without expending too much energy. There are tens of different styles offered to beautify the polls, which make the poll unique and attractive. And also, you can determine where to show the poll and when to close it.


Polls by OpinionStage


The Polls by OpinionStage is a poll plugin closely related to social networking. You can discover the polls on the website or Facebook page. This plugin has the ability to help the site drive traffic from social networks.



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