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How to Create a WordPress Online Course for Better E-Learning

How to Create a WordPress Online Course for Better E-Learning

Looking to teach people on the web? WordPress makes it an easy thing with a variety of plugins or themes available. With these WordPress add-ons, you can create the online course easily to share your expertise and knowledge to the whole world. Even, you can make a living by charging for your courses.

Here, we have introduced the easy steps of how to create a WordPress online course on your existing WordPress based website.

Plan Your Courses

No matter you are looking to run your WordPress site to a complete LMS platform or just want to release some online courses, you have to make the detailed course plans. This step can make your course content much more coherent.

To come out the plans, you can take the following aspects into consideration.

  • You need to structure your material and outline the courses in advance.
  • You should think about the type of course contents. After all, the text courses are totally different from the multi-media ones.
  • The course restrictions should be considered. For instance, you can show the courses for all your website readers, for registered visitors only and for people who have made the payment.

Plan Your Courses

Create a WordPress Online Course using the LearnPress Plugin

The LearnPress plugin can easily turn your WordPress site into an e-learning platform. With it, you can feel much ease to create, sell and manage the online courses with different learning units.

Set Up LearnPress

Before creating the courses using this plugin, you firstly need to hit the Settings > LearnPress button to finish some configurable options for this plugin.

  • General Settings – Here, you need to determine whether to enable the outside instructor registration and update the post name automatically due to the changes of the course name. In addition, if you decide to charge for your course, you need to choose the currency you want.
  • Course Settings – From this part, you should choose the webpage to act as the course page. After that, you need to decide the category base, tag base, thumbnail size and permalink structure for the course content type. In addition, you should enter the number for the course limit per page.
  • Pages Settings – This area mainly decides the profile page for people who decide to learn from your online courses. Frankly speaking, there is no need to change the default settings.
  • Payments Settings – This plugin integrates with PayPal Standard. In this case, if your courses are not free, you need to enter your PayPal account.
  • Checkout Settings – This part mainly sets up how people enroll your courses. Personally, the default settings are proper.
  • Email Settings – If you want to have an easy communication with your students, you need to set up the email templates for different purposes.

Set Up LearnPress

Create the Online Courses

To create the online courses, you need to click the Courses button from the LearnPress tab. After pressing the Add New button, you need to give a title to this course firstly. In addition, we highly recommend you to enter some descriptions of this course, such as the learning goal, lesson planning, test frequency and many more.

Next, you can add the contents of your courses by entering the sections, lessons and quizzes with proper hierarchy. Note that the “section” is the chapter of your courses. Each section can be composed of multiple lessons and quizzes as you want.

Outline Courses

Here, to add the lessons and quizzes, you simply need to enter the name for them. If you want to edit for the detailed contents, you should hover the mouse over the target and click the Edit icon.

After editing the lesson details, you also need to configure some lesson settings, such as the lesson duration in minutes and whether to make this lesson a preview one or not.

Lesson Settings

After editing the quiz details, you should enter the questions, decide the quiz duration, allow people to re-take the test or not, showcase the answer, hint and explanation or not.

Quiz Settings

Decide the Course Settings

After filling out the course contents, now, you need to decide some showcase settings. The general course settings include the duration of it on a weekly basis, the maximum number of people that can enroll your course, the frequency for people to re-take the course and load the media library or not.

Course Settings

If your course contains the quizzes, you need to decide the assessment system and determine the passing value for finishing the learning.

Assessment System

Lastly, you can make your course a free one or a paid one. Also, you should decide whether to show this course to the public or to registered users only.

Payment Settings

Now, you can publish this course to make it available online. Note that the sample course looks as the following.

Course Sample

And the quiz looks like the below screenshot. Note that this plugin will start the countdown automatically based on the quiz duration you have set up properly.

Quiz Sample


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